You chose to have a winter wedding, because you wanted a romantic reception by the fireplace and the chance to enjoy a warm, hearty feast with friends and family—not because you wanted to freeze! Don’t risk missing out on those adorable snow-dusted outdoor shots and keep your top toasty with one of these fantastically stylish fedoras all available at Hats in the Belfry. From felt to fur to velour, this classic winter hat won’t cramp your style. Dare we say it, the fedora may be the perfect gentleman’s winter wedding accessory.




1. Bailey Stingy – Velour Felt Fedora, $170.

2. Kangol Luxury Trilby – Fur Felt Fedora, $198.

3. Makins Norton – Fur Velour Fedora, $228. 

4. Belfry Bogart – Soft Felt Wool Fedora, $30.