Whether you plan on swaying to a slow jam or showing off your swinging moves, the first dance as wife-and-wife or husband-and-husband is often a memorable moment for a couple. Be inspired by our Real Wedding alums and their first dance songs of choice:



JAMIE AND CARRIE:Between the hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, Jamie and Carrie shared their first dance as wife and wife to their song, I Won’t Dance, on the black-and-white checkered dance floor. “A foxtrot … done poorly!” laughs Jamie.



ANNELIESE AND LAUREN: Because of Anneliese’s South Asian American background, they enlisted in a Punjabi D.J. and swayed to Train’s Marry Me for their first dance. “It felt like she and I were floating across the dance floor,” exclaims Anneliese.



SHARDA AND ANNA: After week of dance lessons, Anna and Sharda expertly glided to You and Me by Dave Mathews Band for their first dance as wife-and-wife. “I cannot dance even if my life depended on it so I insisted on lessons. I wasn’t about to fall and look stupid during our first dance!” laughs Sharda.



KELSEY AND LEIGH: The couple choreographed their first dance as wife-and-wife to Jason Mraz’s Lucky, played by Boston-based band Clockwork. “We heard about them from the lead female singer, Jamie Lynn Hart, who also sings at our church,” says Kelsey. 



KIM AND RANDIE: While vacationing in Israel, Sweet Lord by George Harrison played in their hotel elevator and they immediately knew it was the right choice for their first dance song. “We both shared a memory of singing the song to each other in bed,” reminisces Kim. “We wondered if people would think we were crazy for picking a song that is about God, but to us it didn’t matter. The song was about us and love and wanting to know and be close to and part of something bigger than you.” 


COURTNEY AND KATIE: Their first dance began with the slow, romantic tunes of Sara Ramirez’s The Story as the girls swayed on the dance floor, holding each other as wife-and-wife. Thirty seconds in, You Make My Dreams Come True blasted by Hall and Oates, and the girls surprised guests by falling into a fully choreographed swing dance routine. “It was awesome!” laughs Courtney. 


JAY AND PAUL: Their first dance as partners for life was to Wilco’s You and I, the song that Jay sang to Paul when he proposed.



CYNTHIA AND DANA: In true traditional form, Cynthia and Dana took their fathers’ hands in a father-daughter dance to the iconic tune, What a Wonderful World, as guests looked on with tears of joy. They then moved into their first dance as wife and wife to Today by Joshua Radin. 


Photo: Alli Royce Soble; Holly Jones Photography; Ron Soliman Photojournalism; Carla Ten Eyck Photography; Sam and Gertie Photography; Bre Sessions; Boro Creative Visions Photography; Fedorov Foto; Hudson River Photographer