Gabby + Liz | An Ohio Farm Wedding
A rustic farm wedding complete with yellow daisies, straw bales and a big, blue tractor

Gabrielle Bonar and Elizabeth Moseley, a same-sex couple from San Antonio, Texas, married at home on Gabby’s family farm in Farmington, Ohio. Liz proposed at home in bed on Gabby’s birthday in October, and they had their summer yellow-and-gray wedding with fanciful pops of turquoise on June 22, 2013.

Every detail from the altar to the wedding seating was handmade and styled by Gabby’s mom. From the selection of the gorgeous willow tree to the lively tented reception shows true country charm and a style that defined Gabby and Liz perfectly. 

Gabby wore a homemade three-layer off-white dress from Italy, and Liz donned gray pants, a white shirt, a yellow bow tie and suspenders. The farm wedding was held on a gorgeous day full of sunshine and smiles. The wedding party wore varying shades of yellow, and the wedding guests sat on bales of straw decorated with burlap ribbons. We can’t get enough of the kick-ass blue tractor used as a photo prop. The newlyweds celebrated their wedding with a honeymoon road trip around the country.

Recommended listening: Ben Harper’s “Forever,” the couple’s first-dance song

From Gabby:

My wedding day was literally a dream come true. I have never felt so happy or so loved. It was such a beautiful day and we are so madly in love and have been since our very first meeting. We were very lucky to have the support of so many of our loved ones and we were very grateful to have everything come together so easy and so perfect. I have never felt as proud to stand by someone’s side or as lucky to touch someone’s hand or as thankful to the universe for bringing us together. (97) I felt like a princess and everything was so perfect it hardly seemed real. Walking down a flowery path, in my hometown, on a gorgeous day, toward the most beautiful and most amazing woman I have ever known; was and will remain, the best thing I have ever done in my entire life.














bonar-nicki-hufford-photography-chuppah-2-farm-lesbian-wedding-first-dance  bonar-nicki-hufford-photography-chuppah-2-farm-lesbian-wedding-long-hair








Photographer: Nicki Hufford
Officiant: Jose Parilla, friend.
Florist: Judy’s Flower Basket
Jewelry: Etsy, a local jewelry store, and some a friend’s mother made
Attire (for both): Gabby’s dress, Liz’s bow tie and suspenders: Etsy