An international gay couple is asking for your help 



If you’ve ever been inclined to ask for money from people besides those bonded to you by blood or legal obligation to fund your wedding—or anything remotely involved with it—don’t. At least, not in a public way with a Go Fund Me campaign in the manner of international couple Eric Turner and Morné Coetzer.

Gawker reports that Turner and Coetzer are “set to marry on January 4, 2014, but because the legalization of same-sex marriage remains globally sporadic, neither can do it where he lives now (Eric’s in Houston, Morné is in London). They have decided on South Africa, where Morné grew up and gay marriage is legal. Morné’s parents are already there, but Eric’s are not. Now, they’d gladly pay for Eric’s parents to fly there, but they’d more gladly use your money.” 

Click over to Gawker for the satirical summary of Turner and Coetzer’s request. Comment below with your thoughts. Do you think it’s tacky to ask for money for something you can afford to do yourself?

Photo: Courtesy of Go Fund Me