gay-gap-ad-doma-marriage-equalityShoppers now have more reason than ever to fall into the Gap thanks to the company’s latest stance on marriage equality.

According to an internal Gap employee memo, Gap Inc. has signed on to the amicus brief that was filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The San Francisco-based clothing retailer has long been dedicated to celebrating equality, offering all employees and their spouses or domestic partners full benefits, as well as the Employee Merchandise Discount, regardless of gender. They’ve also featured same-sex couples in their campaigns.

“DOMA creates a distinction between our lawfully married employees that is inconsistent with our core values – inclusion and diversity. Although we are not a part of the court case.. we are signing on to a supporitng court brief challenging the law because removing barriers to equitable treatment is important to us,” states Gap Inc. Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Wilma Wallace.

“We think that it’s important to level the playing field for everyone,” Wallace continues. “If DOMA is declared unconstitutional there would be more conformity in the law which brings simplicity, leading to a better ability to comply and greater equity for all.”

It joins eBay, Google, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Starbucks and Zynga on the amicus brief, which will offer the court an equality-driven perspective from non-involved parties and how they are impacted on the ruling.

Wallace says, “Ultimately, we’ve taken this step because it is consistent with our values and publicly demonstrates our company’s support for same-sex marriages. It’s fair. It’s equitable. It’s consistent with what we stand for as a company. It’s the right thing to do.”