Hospitality Heaven in New England
One of the country’s most sought-after luxury spa destinations, the Mayflower Inn and Spa in Connecticut offers couples a unique and personal wedding experience thanks to their breathtaking grounds and devotion to detail.

mayflower-inn-and-spa-2Nestled in the idyllic town of Washington, Conn., approximately two hours from New York City, the 58-acre estate of the Mayflower Inn and Spa has earned their reputation as one of the country’s most coveted destinations thanks to the meticulous blend of five-star accommodations with bed-and-breakfast charm.

The stately property’s bucolic grounds lend themselves to a picture-perfect ceremony, from the pond fringed with ancient oak trees to the enchanting Shakespeare Garden, one of only three genuine Shakespeare gardens in the entire country. Inside the English country manor, guests can resource the outdoor decks for cocktail hour, dining room that seats up to 120 for dinner, and an event space large enough to comfortably hold a 12-piece band for dancing the night away. The property also boasts an outdoor pool, quaintly tucked away between the inn and spa building, which is ideal for after-party cocktails and lounging.

Couples can plan a la carte or buy out the 30-accomodation inn, shutting down the property from the public from Friday morning until Sunday evening and having limitless possibilities at their fingertips. Organize events for guests such as picnics, sport activities and spa treatments, as well as host the rehearsal dinner followed by pre-wedding pampering morning of. “We do it best when you can let your imagination run wild. You can take it to any degree or limit you choose, which makes it a fun location,” says general manager John Trevenen. “You can amp it up any way you want and we’re ready to go and respond to that for you.”

mayflower-inn-and-spa-1But while the spa treatments and magnificent property has earned this Berkshire destination multiple awards and a loyal following from the New York City elite, it’s the staff’s attention to detail and high-end hospitality that truly sets this New England gem apart as a wedding venue. “With weddings there are always little things that happen that you have to react to quickly,” explains Christine Afiouni, who oversees the weddings at the Mayflower Inn and Spa. “For example, a couple forgot their wedding rings at their house in Boston and one of our employees offered to drive in the morning and get them. Another story, when the grooms need to have their shoes polished, our general manager, John, offers to take care of that and has become a specialist.” If you spend your wedding night at the inn, expect a complimentary bottle of Champagne with a tray of homemade chocolates with your initials.

With a devotion to quality over quantity, they book about 25 weddings per year (approximately one-third of those are same-sex), so they can give each and every one the individual attention it deserves.  “What I’m most proud of is the care and personal attention that comes from doing a wedding with us. We’re not a weddings facility; we’re not fitting five weddings in on a Saturday,” explains Trevenen. “If you do 25 weddings of various sizes, that’s one every two weeks, so we’re not out there trying to drive literally tens of weddings through a weekend. We’re trying to make it a very pleasant, personal experience that people will relate to.”