If you have long hair, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do with it for your wedding. There are seemingly endless possibilities, and also a lot of factors to consider. What will be most comfortable? What will feel the most natural? And of course, what will look the best?

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, here are six things to do when deciding your wedding hairstyle.

1. Collect Inspiration Photos

You can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere–from celebrities,  weddings you attend, and weddings published on websites like this one. Spend as much time as you need Googling different hairstyles, and then compile a folder of what stands out to you. Knowing what possibilities are out there is the first step to narrowing it down. Doing your research is also a great way to figure out what you don’t want, which can be just as helpful.

2. Keep Your Outfit In Mind

Believe it or not, different hairstyles may look better depending on what you’re wearing. As such, it’s a good idea to pick your dress, suit, etc… before you settle on a hairstyle. When you do know what you’re going to wear, one of the first things to consider is the neckline.

For example, New York City salon owner Nunzio Saviano told Martha Stewart that a boat neck pairs best with an updo.

“When your hair is down, it can almost make the dress look narrow, and when it is open like this it will really look beautiful when the hair is up,” she said.

Going strapless, on the other hand, lends well to any hairdo, while an outfit with a dramatic back demands an up do. “It’s open for a reason,”  Saviano said.

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3. Consider the Temperature

If your wedding day will be hot or you know you overheat easily, an updo may be the best option to help keep you cool. Conversely, a winter wedding may lend well to keeping your hair down, adding a little extra warmth.

4. Schedule a Hair Trial

If you are using a hair stylist, a hair trial should be a key step in your planning process. You likely won’t have time on your actual wedding day to experiment with different looks. Scheduling a hair trial a few weeks earlier will allow you and your stylist to test out different ideas until you feel confident with what you want.

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5. Plan Around Any Hair Accessories

If you know you are wearing something in your hair, like a flower crown, veil, or hairpin, make sure your hair stylist knows this when you start your trials. That way, they can help you find a hairdo that is compatible with your headpiece. Also, when looking for inspiration, make sure to research photos of marriers wearing headpieces.

6. Be Yourself

New York wedding Hairstylist Halli Bivona told Brides that she advises clients to select a hairstyle that feels like most like them and doesn’t stray too far from the normal way they wear their hair.

“This way, when you look back at the photos from your wedding, you look like yourself, albeit a more formal version,” Bivona said.

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