Fan of the airbrushed look but don’t want to pay the hefty price? These expert tips will teach you how to create the same effect with makeup you already own. 

gay-wedding-beauty-kaylin-johnson-airbrush-makeup-artistIn an effort to create the illusion of flawless skin for their big day, many brides-to-be hire a professional or purchase special tools to create an airbrushed look—both of which can cost a pretty penny. Luckily for us, makeup artist Kaylin Johnson shares her secrets for mimicking the Photoshop-perfected effect using products you already have in your makeup bag—no airbrushing required.


“To emulate the airbrushed look without using the (often expensive) airbrush, you’ll want to use a modest amount of lighter liquid foundation so it doesn’t look caked on and blend really well,” Johnson advises. “Many women applying their own makeup make the mistake of wearing too much foundation, but the key to the ‘airbrushed’ look is to use just the right amount to even out your skin tone and blend, blend, blend.”


gay-wedding-beauty-airbrush-makeup-3Step 1: Make sure to use foundation that is a perfect match. Airbrushed looks always start with the right foundation color. When testing foundations, test at least three shades similar to your skin tone. Swipe stripes of foundation in each color on the back of your hand and be sure to examine colors in natural light. The color that disappears is the correct color.

Step 2: Blend, blend, blend. Use a non-latex makeup wedge or a foundation brush to thoroughly blend the foundation into your skin using a circular motion. Be sure to blend down onto your neck to avoid looking as if you are wearing a mask. Continue until your face looks unusually even.

Step 3: Add a hint of color to bring life to the face. Rub blush in circular motions onto the apples of the cheeks. To bring out cheekbones and slim the face, swipe a bronzer along your temples and into the hollows of your cheeks, down the sides of your nose, and lightly along your jawline.

Step 4: For a feminine look, add a little glow. Use a shimmery finishing powder or a designated highlighting powder, cream, or stick. Highlighters look best when applied anywhere the light is brightest on your face: just above your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, or just below your eyebrows.

Perfect skin looks great on everyone, including brooms and grooms. To adapt the airbrushed look without appearing ultra femme, Johnson says to go light on the blush and bronzer. “Stick to matte powders for an even finish and everyone will think your fantastic complexion is just the glow of happiness.“