An easy guide for same-sex couples planning a legally recognized wedding in Connecticut.


Atlanta couple Gee and Juan traveled to Connecticut to get legally wed.


When does marriage equality go into effect in Connecticut?

Same-sex couples are currently able to have legally recognized marriage ceremonies.


Do I have to live in Connecticut to get married there?

No. Any couple can get married as long as other qualifications are met.


Where can I apply for a marriage license?

A town or city hall in Connecticut.





Is a blood test required?



Is there a waiting period to get the marriage license?

No, but some smaller towns may require that you pick up the license on the following day.


How soon after applying for a license can I get legally married?



Are there witnesses required in order to get legally married?



How much is the marriage license application fee?

Between $30 and $35, and most places will require cash.


How long is the marriage license valid for?

65 days.


Can I apply online for a marriage license?

No, you need to apply in person.


Do we both have to be there to apply for our marriage license?

No, but it’s advised that you go together to make things more efficient.


What paperwork is required when I apply for my marriage license?

You need to bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate. You also need to be prepared to  know your social security numbers, your mother’s maiden name, your parents’ places of birth, the date and location of your wedding, and the name and contact information of your wedding officiant.


Who can officiate the marriage ceremony?

Judges, retired judges, Connecticut state referees, Connecticut justices of the peace, and ordained or license clergymen (belonging to any state) may perform weddings in Connecticut. If a friend or relative wants to perform your wedding ceremony, they can if an authorized officiator is also present to confirm your marriage ceremony and to sign your marriage license.


If I don’t live in Connecticut, will my marriage be recognized by my home state?

The marriage will be respected in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State and Washington, D.C. In Nevada, the marriage will be seen as a domestic partnership.


Is my Connecticut marriage recognized by the U.S. federal government?

Yes, it is!


Is a divorce decree required?

Yes. You’ll need to provide the city, state, country of each previous marriage and the ending status, such as, by divorce or death. Home and work telephone numbers for both you and your ex(s) are also requested.


If I get legally married in Connecticut, will I still need special legal paperwork to protect my family?

If you plan to travel with your partner beyond the state of Connecticut, it will be necessary for you to hire an attorney to draw up paperwork to protect your family in case something happens in a state where your marriage is not recognized. Read our expert advice on how to legally protect your relationship and children.


How do I change my name?

Although the marriage application form does not have a place for requesting a change in your last name, a certified copy of your marriage certificate will allow you to change your surname with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and on your social security card and passport.