From New Zealand to Canada, Japan to America, people are opening their arms to couples of all sizes, styles, genders, orientations and religions joining in matrimony. Thank goodness, because you were gonna do it anyway. Love is love! The union of your love might just be the ideal time to go big. Mixing traditional elements with some sort of beautifully geeky theme is just what you had in mind, right? Take it from Anil and Laura who are Australian lesbian gamers. Their romantic ceremony was themed around the anime series, “Revolutionary Girl Utena.” How did they keep it romantic and sprinkle in some personality? Laura donned a fun pink bobbed wig with her light pink corset and gown while Anil kept her attire classic — a tiara paired with a white wedding dress. Among other things, they named the tables after characters on the show while keeping with the customary ideas of bouquets and wedding attendants.

If you’re thinking about having a themed wedding, here are some ideas and advice.

Princess Bride wedding

Stylized Weddings

What do you and your partner enjoy together? Are you both “Star Wars” fans and want Chewbacca as your officiant? Or, perhaps you imagine a whimsical fairy princess theme set in the depths of the forest where everyone can frolic among the trees. Pay attention to the details, from the beginning of planning to the magical day (and into the honeymoon if you’re doing a Hawaiian theme), regardless of the theme you choose:

Roaring 1920s

Think “The Great Gatsby.” It’s all about class. Your colors — black and white with flowers of red; Hair — pincurls and fingerwaves; Music — jazz; Attire — fedoras, zoot suits, wing tips, flapper dresses, long gloves, feathers, headbands and long pearl necklaces.


The Victorian era meets science fiction and is sprinkled with fantasy, aviation and navigation. This is a world full of brass and gears turned inside out. A place where a top hat adorned with aviation goggles is appreciated. Guests can don corsets and petticoats, umbrellas and gloves and drink tea from teacups.


Getting medieval is no small task when it comes to planning a wedding, but the benefits are delightful if this is your style of choice. Capture the essence of romance and nobility of another time as you profess your love for one another in Renaissance clothing. Don’t know where to find the appropriate garb? Check out a local costume shop or online at Buy Costumes. Find to a gothic-style location where wood and stone are plentiful. Hang banners from wooden dowels and hire roaming musicians. Hold hands in circles and dance. Serve meat pies, steak-on-a-stick, handheld turkey legs and drink from goblets. Huzzah!


Fans of the Falcons? Deck your party out in black and red and strategically place images of great birds everywhere. Give mini footballs as party favors with the newlyweds’ names or, better yet, photos imprinted on them. One couple had their matrimony on a green where a soccer game determined which one of the celebrants changed their name.

Remember to offer vegetarian and gluten-free menu items in order to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Also, if you’d like the guests to play along, inform them of the attire requests in the invitation and that you’d appreciate their participation.

Photo: FireRose Photography