Picking a wedding shoe—or any shoe, for that matter—can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, Brooke Hyden, the style guru and visual merchandising strategist from Zappos.com, shares her tips with Equally Wed on picking the right shoe for your special day:

“Choosing a heel height is key. You want your shoes to be comfortable to wear, whether you are walking, sitting, or dancing. With a floor-length gown, select a heel that will ensure the hemline on your dress just skims over the ground. For a short dress, a simple way to lengthen your legs is with a great high heel. Something that is often overlooked when considering how high or how low to go is where that will put you in comparison to your partner. The perfect heel height will make your pictures look that much better.”


“Consider the level of formality for your wedding when selecting your shoes. Don’t wear stilettos if you are having any outdoor wedding or flip-flops at a formal banquet reception. We like to look at the shoes as the icing on the cake: They are there to enhance the overall vision.”


“Don’t be afraid to try adding color! Wedding shoes don’t have to be white or ivory. Have fun with all the colors that are out there now. It’s another great place to express your personality and also a fun way to incorporate your ‘something blue.’”


“A good rule to live by both in your everyday life and when preparing for wedding is if the shoes hurt initially, they are most likely not going to work for you. You will be walking down the aisle, posing for photographs, dancing and so on. Your wedding day isn’t the time to be trying out a pair of four-inch heels if you normally stumble in your two-inch work pumps. It is important to feel comfortable in the shoes you pick, because a happy bride makes for the most beautiful.”


Photos: From top to bottom: BCBG Maz Azria, Stuart Weitzman, Me Too, Rozze; courtesy of Zappos.com