Emily Saliers, the red-headed half of the Indigo Girls duo, announced Saturday between songs during a show at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre that she and her longtime partner Tristin Chipman have married. The binational couple has a 9-month-old daughter.

“I got married,” Saliers told her fans. “My partner’s my wife, she’s Canadian. She’s from, well, she was born in Calgary but she spent most of her adult life in Toronto. She went to Lethbridge though for school. She’s geographically a hybrid.

“I got married in New York because we would’ve got married in Canada if it counted in the U.S. but you all know what I mean. We got married in New York so that she could get her green card so we could be free. We waited such a long time.”

Saliers wrote a letter to the LGBT community in June this year regarding her binational relationship with Tristin. She spoke to Congress about comprehensive immigration reform. In her letter, she wrote:

“My partner Tristin is from Canada. We met nearly 10 years ago when Tristin was serving as a substitute tour manager for the Indigo Girls. We soon became friends and then slowly fell in love. Even though we are a completely committed family (which includes our 6-month-old daughter), there is no way for me to sponsor Tristin for a green card to keep our family together. […]I support comprehensive immigration reform because I believe that diversity makes our country richer and America should be a place for people who want to build a better life with their families. That reform must include all families – including families like mine.”



Photo: Kendrick Brinson/LUCEO Images; Video: YouTube