Navreet and Ketussa celebrated their fall wedding with an intimate and whimsical forest gathering that took place at Whispering Springs in Grafton, Ontario. The couple tied the knot in the Forest Chapel while being showered in warmth and love from their family and friends’ blessings.

A South Asian person in a red lehenga stands by a window with their eyes closed, showing off their traditional gold adornments.

A South Asian person with wedding henna and jewelry holds their sunglasses and looks to the left.

A pair of South Asian marriers stand on a footbridge, admiring each others' wedding attire. The one on the left is wearing red, and the one on the right is wearing tan and gold.

A black-and-white photo of traditional wedding henna on the hands of the celebrants.

The natural light set the stage beautifully for the warm tones that adorned their interfaith wedding, with red, gold, and orange accents pulling from their Hindu and Sikh backgrounds. This romantic celebration brought both Navreet and Ketussa’s family traditions to the forefront, while modern elements like a cozy camper van and wooden swing highlighted the couple’s contemporary flair.

A simple yet elegant wedding cake and arches of white flowers tied the ceremony and reception together, keeping in tune with the natural beauty of the woods where their vows were exchanged. Family members delighted in the delicate scent of roses as they showered the couple with love and flower petals.

A group of South Asian people stand in front of loved ones as they complete a wedding tradition with marigolds and other flowers.

A pair of South Asian marriers kneel under a white floral arch as they watch their officiant perform a traditional ritual.

A South Asian person kneels in front of their spouse as family throws rose petals on both of them. The person in the front stands and is wearing a red lehenga.

A black-and-white photo of two South Asian people. One is kissing the other on the forehead. Their smiles are enormous.

Two South Asian people kneel on a forest floor. They are surrounded by loved ones, dressed for an interfaith Hindu-Sikh wedding ceremony. The couple in the center is smiling, and those surrounding them are cheering.

The evening concluded with lots of dancing for the whole party and outfit changes for the newlyweds. Navreet traded a traditional red lehenga for tan and gold, and Ketussa, who wore a gold sari for the ceremony, donned a suit matching the colors of Navreet’s tan and gold lehenga, with bold orange stripes that made for some spectacular photos both on and off the dance floor.

Two South Asian spouses stand in front of an orange camper van. The one on the left is wearing a tan suit with orange stripes, and the other wears a tan lehenga.

Two South Asian spouses sit in the door of an orange camper van. There are string lights behind them. Both are looking down at the henna decorations on their hands.

A South Asian person pushes their new spouse on a large wooden swing. Both are smiling directly at the camera.

A black-and-white photo of a South Asian couple dancing in front of their family and friends. They are holding hands and looking at each other as they move.

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Photographer: Banga Studios

Event Venue: Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat

Henna: Henna by Nusrat

Makeup Artist: Muavee Makeup Studio; Glam by Siv

Apparel: Frontier Heritage

DJ: DJ Kow

Cinema and Video: bliNC

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