Lane Bryant’s new ad campaign for their Cacique line brazenly calls out Victoria’s Secret “Angels” (what V.S. calls their models, some of their products and even V.S. credit card holders are called angels). The ad seems to devilishly mock their lineup from their ad campaign lineup of slimmer models (who may or may not look like they haven’t had a proper meal since toddler days). The eating lives of those models are well-documented so save me your lamenting couch critiques. In fact, “The Perfect Body” ad you see below from Victoria’s Secret met such backlash and outrage that it soon ended its promotion after it launched in November. 

Lane Bryant’s ad instead talks about sexiness, and “it’s all about how you feel” and the tag line: “I’m no angel.” Preach.


As a 37-year-old mother of 4-year-old twins who bought her last three bras from Cacique, I am elated about this ad and these sexy new underthings for curvier ladies. I bought my wedding dress solely based on the size on my body (but that’s an entirely different post). After I had my boys, the girls got bigger and changed in drastic ways. Victoria’s Secret didn’t have anything for me anymore. Believe me, I tried them all. Size, yes. Support, no. What do you think of the ad and the gorgeous new lingerie for your wedding night? Weigh in below.

“I mean, honey, have you seen all this? Hot. I’m no angel.”