Travel the world and live like a gay local wherever you go

Looking to travel to a gay-friendly location for your honeymoon or bach party, but don’t know where to go or the best hot spots to check out? Cue misterb&b, the temporary rental company whose mission is to help gay men find a place to stay during their next trip. The idea behind misterb&b is simple. Gay men rent temporary housing from other gay men, sharing local hot spots and travel tips with one another.

“misterb&b helps connect the global gay community by enabling gay men to earn money from their spare space and affordably travel the world feeling welcome anywhere they go,” shares the company website.

“We bring gay men together in real life experiences We organize meet ups in cities around the world. A great opportunity to meet hosts and travelers. Join us for a drink and networking and connect with the global gay community!”

The idea was inspired by a homophobic experience Matthieu, the co-founder and CEO of misterb&b, had while staying in a shared apartment during a trip to Barcelona. He and his partner received derogatory commentary from their host when she found out that the couple would be sharing a bed in her home.

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misterb&B currently has 130,000 listings available in 135 countries, meaning you can find a place to stay all over the world and live like a gay local wherever you go. Heading to the 2018 Gay Games? misterbnb is the official sponsor, helping all gay attendees find a place to stay. Bookings can be made through or by downloading the app.

CNN has named misterb&b the “gay travel revolution.” Travel the world and make new friends wherever you go.

Just for the record, misterb&b is not affiliated, endorsed or otherwise associated with Airbnb.