Adriano and I met on March 29, 2015, on the popular dating app Tinder. Lots of people may laugh or frown at the idea of one trying to find true love in an unorthodox way, but for us it worked out perfectly! We’re not really into the club scene or even going out for that matter, so finding love was almost impossible. We have hectic work schedules that keep us busy; plus, I can be on the shy side. Having been single since 2006, I felt it was time to find true love. That time alone allowed me to care for myself and learn who I was, but I also love to give love and was aching for my “other half”. 
I had been in relationships where people don’t really know how to have real a connection, and I am so happy to say that I finally found that in Adriano. I love that we treat one another with respect, do not get annoyed over the small things, speak in loving tones, and cuddle through conversations regardless if they are good or bad.
Our happiness is the most important thing that we must sustain. We celebrate our anniversary each month to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into each day, each month, and now each year. Think of it like pressing restart and having those new and fresh happy days, much like the days after you first meet. That’s done by going on frequent dates, exploring, and doing different things together. Just living life, having fun and protecting your happiness.
Our favorite things to do are hiking, watching movies (with lots of popcorn), sharing a bottle of wine, and cooking. We are both pretty accomplished cooks, but Adriano has a fancy palate, so I’m more shy to cook for him than visa versa! We love living in Los Angeles, California, because there is so much to do. We often take trips to the coast, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.
In the coming years we’d like to purchase a few investments (properties and maybe a business or two). Through highs and lows we always want the ability to care for one another both emotionally and financially. We are both very driven, creative individuals and we love to discuss our future together. We feel so lucky to have finally found each other and hope that our little love story can inspire others to keep looking and keep trying. I promise, love is out there!


Stephan and Adriano found one another one year ago and wanted a session to celebrate their first anniversary. Stephan is a dancer, choreographer and photographer, and Adriano is a former model with the most delicious Italian accent! We chose the colorful, vibrant arts district to match their outgoing personalities and awesome modern style. Both men are comfortable in front of the camera, laughing and loving freely just as they do in life.