Brandy Owens and Stephanie Grigsby, winners of our Love Conquers All wedding contest in partnership with SIGNATURE BRIDE and WebWed Mobile, will marry on Oct. 3, with the theme of Black is Queen.

Stephanie and Brandy’s original wedding was planned for May 28, 2020, but because of covid-19, it was cancelled. When we announced our contest, the stars aligned for the Los Angeles couple. As part of their application for the contest, Brandy shared their love story: “Stephanie is a native of San Diego, Calif. I’m a native of Chicago. We met on a renovation project that I managed for my then company in Chicago. I was tasked with commissioning Stephanie as the chosen vendor. This project fostered a welcomed friendship. Unknowingly, Steph sparked a fire in me that brought a desire to blaze my own trail and live rather than just exist. Later in our friendship, I realized that the chemistry we shared was more than we may have imagined. To my surprise , I felt a love that pleased my soul, in a way I wasn’t willing to hide or not express out loud. Steph shared her loved and respect for what we already had, but too felt an intimate chemistry she was open to exploring. Our challenge wasn’t love, it was trusting that the next chapter could be amazing if we released the old and embraced this new journey unfiltered. What we know for sure is; we are experiencing a connection that remains unmatched and worth every high and low. This kinda of love was unexpected for me , but my soul was ready, unapologetic and passionate about the energy Steph brought into my life. I was offered a dream position for a high-profile client that brought us to Cali. Here in Cali, is where we kicked off our romantic connection and built the amazing family we now share. This road has been interesting, but we’ve had the constant desire to navigate this thing called “life” together without doubts and fears. We took a major step this year that led to us being honored with domestic partnership. This past Christmas 2019, Steph and I wanted to throw our first annual holiday party filled with family and friends. What Steph didn’t know was that I had been secretly planning along with my son (20 years old) and daughter (16 years old), whom Steph loves and cherishes as her own, a surprise holiday proposal! In a room full of love, the kids and I proposed “forever” to Steph, as a family. The blessing of hearing “yes” after 5 years connecting, investing in unconditional love and building our family only amplified the emotions within that moment in a way that makes our love story worth every moment in time.”

The months leading up to the wedding since we chose the lucky couple during Pride month in conjuction with Black Lives Matter has been nothing short of magical with wedding planning happening all around them that they didn’t have to worry about—it is a dream wedding giveaway after all! Brandy and Stephanie have been able to share what was important to them with their wedding planner, Slomique, so that everything on their wedding day will be personalized to the couple. The microwedding will be in accordance with California law due to restrictions because of covid-19, but the beauty of WebWed Mobile’s technology is allowing wedding guests to attend virtually. At least 100 are attending.

“SIGNATURE BRIDE has been the vessel and catalyst for this blessing of an occasion,” says Brandy. “Debra, founder of Signature Bride, has welcomed Stephanie and I in a way that is very refreshing and much appreciated in today’s climate. Debra has made sure that every detail is acknowledged since the very beginning of this journey. We have been amazed at all the attention and effort by every vendor working to make our big day into the best day of our lives thus far. Slomique, founder of Carpe Diem Events, or my fairy godmother as I affectionately like to call her, has been more than a visionary! She asks the right questions, makes thoughtful moves creating magic weekly. Her designs are as if she stayed a week in our home, observing our life and style, then translating that into a dream picture. Steph has known specific parts of the big day that I am not allowed to know, for the element of ultimate surprise and vice versa for me. So, for what we do know of, amazed is the only word I can come up with and even that feels like it will be an understatement. The vibe of the occasion will be nontraditional, culturally enriched, and elegantly sexy. This is all that we envisioned and more than we could have translated on our own. By the way, we haven’t even experienced the actual day yet!”

The day itself will include the couple’s children. “We want the kids to walk us down the aisle, and at the same time, rather than one to another,” says Brandy. “We want to equally be wed and share in the magic of the moment as equals and girlies. With that in mind, my son, Donzell will walk me down, and my daughter, Aliyah, will walk Stephanie down. Both my daughter and son are so sincerely and unconditionally happy for this day. We are so honored to have their support and love. And to know that they wanted to be the ones to bring us down the aisle is heart-filling. We also are thinking of adding candles in honor of our parents who have all blessed and been apart of our union as a family thus far.”

Stephanie says that the Love Conquers All experience has been “mind blowing.” “The team of creatives bringing this moment together have been fierce! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I am honestly moved by the experience! A sneak peek into the design was sent over. Simply put, it is nothing short of being intensely spiritual, ceremonial and beautiful! It was exactly the vibe my soul imagined. It’s sexy, romantic, nontraditional with Black girl magic swag!”

As part of the design, Stephanie was commissioned by Slomique to create an art piece that represents her and Brandy’s relationship. “As an artist, it’s an honor to be asked to create a piece of art for your own wedding,” she says. “This piece will be the altar. How dope is that? Each moment of the experience has been a blessing. Until the wedding day, I will anxiously await to see and represent the works of Coloured Raine, JNCY jewelers, Carpe Diem Events, Crystal Lily photography and all of the surprises in store!”

“We have decided to write our own vows,” says Brandy, “and I personally don’t think we should share them before the ‘moment.’ Stephanie and I have spiritual and nontraditional views on life, vows, commitment and the organic expressions of love. We wouldn’t vow preset ideas on our love.”

Brandy’s excitement is contagious: “I don’t know if I have words that will do it justice. This journey has been more than I could’ve imagined. The team involved has been more than a blessing with the best energy. I am over the moon and much more!”

The lineup of generous all-star vendors involved in the Love Conquers All wedding is nothing short of spectacular, and we cannot wait to see all the pictures, which of course, we’ll be sharing here with all of you.

Planning: Carpe Diem Events
Photographer: Crystal Lily Photography
Videographer: The Siren & Co. 
Staging: Collective Rentals 
Catering: Chef Ayo Cherry
Dress: Mon Amie Bridal Salon 
Rings: JNCY Jewelers 
Makeup: Coloured Raine Cosmetics
Makeup Artist: BombxBay
Honeymoon: Plumeria Breezes Travel 
Cake: Sifted by Cyndi
Flowers: Blue Iris Florist
Color Florals: Designs by Her 
Name Change: HitchSwitch
Wine + Champagne: Gregory + Vine
African drummers and dancers: Dramane Koné 

Financial consultation: The Money Coach
Spa gift basket: Monrovian Beauty
Duffle Bags: Heed NYC
Skincare: Orpheus Skin
Silk sleep masks: Blissy
Feminine care: Freshie
Oils and diffusers: WOW Skin Science
Foam seats/back cushions: Everlasting Comfort
Skincare: SHE-Y
Brow makeup: Wink