High heels for men aren’t currently something we see in the men’s shoe department. But high heels  do have a certain appeal, no matter what gender you are. They’re trendy, attractive and can make you feel like a million bucks when dressing up to go out. Unfortunately, the challenge with these already unsupportive, often painful shoes is that they are not designed to support a cisgender male’s body formation, causing additional discomfort if a man is lucky enough to even find a pair his size.

Cross Sword, a footwear company based out of London, aims to provide the solution to the problems plaguing the men’s heel industry—and it’s raising money to do so.

“Our aim is to provide a man with a beautiful and comfortable pair of high heel shoes that will not only make him look amazing, it will bring positive attention, get heads turning and complement the wearers’ lifestyle,” shares Cross Sword. “Cross Sword is the answer to men that have longed to wear heels but have only found shoes that have been designed for a feminine foot. At Cross Sword our first priority is the comfort of our designs, produced for the male fashionista. Cross Sword give the wearer the ability to feel proud, own the empowerment that so many people receive from wearing heels and look amazing while wearing them.”

“Our shoes have been delicately hand crafted by highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our technicians have ample experience of working with some of the high end brands that you see today. Their combined knowledge, craftsmanship and understanding of materials has led to the production of a unique and luxurious product. We are proud of the level of the care that is taken in the manufacture of each shoe. Our manufacturers attention to detail in every pair has led to what we consider to be one of the highest quality handmade shoes available.”

The project is still in its Kickstarter phase and will only be moved to production if the necessary funds are raised. To learn more about the project or to donate (and even get your own pair once they are produced) visit the Cross Sword Kickstarter.