It’s a proven fact that marriage equality acceptance is on the rise, but those stats were put into visual action over the weekend when the attendance at a marriage equality protest was nothing short of abysmal. 

The National Organization of Marriage held a protest, titled the March for Marriage, in Washington D.C. over the weekend. The March’s attendance has been significantly declining. Reported to be about 6000 people two years ago, that attendance was slashed down to only 250 last year and then decreased to just 47 this year (and that includes babies)!

Despite the low attendance, National Organization of Marriage president Brian Brown attempted to build morale among the small crowd by reminding them of their mission, which it appears less and less people are buying into in today’s society. 

“We are on the side of truth,” Brown said. “We are on the side of true human rights, we are on the side of true civil rights. And in every fight for civil rights, it took a creative minority who were willing to stand up and speak truth to power no matter what the cost. And you know what? There may not be thousands of us here today. It doesn’t matter. There were only a few that stood with William Wilberforce when he stood up and said ‘no’ to the slave trade in England. He was mocked, he was derided, he was laughed at. We remember him as a hero now, because ultimately his life’s work was successful, but it wasn’t successful in his own lifetime.”

Photo of President Brian Brown's speech via @Missdeutsch on Twitter
Photo of President Brian Brown’s speech via @Missdeutsch on Twitter

Despite the low attendance, Brown promised the rally would be held again next year, even if there was only one person. Perhaps Brown will be talking to himself in Washington D.C. next year.