marriage-equality-mitt-romney-mitt-gets-worseIf you’ve been itching for some testimonials that will show off exactly how horrible Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is for the LGBT community, you’re in luck. US News reports that two Democratic Super PACs have launched Mitt Gets Worse,” a new website inspired by the “It Gets Better” campaign designed to prove that if Romney is elected, things for all of us will get worse.

The site bills itself as “an oral history of Mitt Romney’s efforts to diminish the rights and the freedoms of LGBT Americans, told by the brave people who have fought back against Mitt’s anti-equality agenda.” It references Romney’s reputation as a flip-flopper but promises that “when it comes to LGBT issues, there’s one thing you can always count on: Mitt Gets Worse” and cautions that Romney is “campaigning for president on an extreme and inhumane platform.”

Currently, “Mitt Gets Worse” features four first-person accounts from people who have had personal experiences with Romney about LGBT issues. According to The American Bridge 21st Century, the Super PAC that launched the site, we can expect more in the near future.

Julie Goodridge, one of the women who led the fight for marriage equality in Massachusetts, recalls in her video a meeting she had with Romney as governor. She asked him how to explain to her 8-year-old daughter why her moms couldn’t marry, and apparently Romney responded: “I don’t really care … why don’t you just tell her what you’ve been telling her for the last eight years.”

Watch for yourself and share these videos so that everyone can see exactly how Romney will treat the LGBT community if he makes it to the White House.

Watch the campaign video here: