Getting ready to attend a wedding can come with that stressful fear of “what if?” What if I sweat too much on the dance floor? What if my hairspray doesn’t hold up? What if I tear up during the ceremony? What if I spill wine on my outfit? What if I my shoes cause blisters? The list can go on and on, but there isn’t room for all these emergency items in your pocket or purse.

No matter how much preparing you do, the unexpected can happen, and your wedding venue might not have what you or your guests need on hand. If your venue does not provide toiletries, first aid or emergency items, be the wedding hosts of the year and provide bathroom baskets for your guests.

If you decide to provide a bathroom basket, which is by no means mandatory, here’s what you need to make your guests feel at home. Don’t break the bank trying to please everyone. Use items you already have at home, and don’t go overboard. Travel size products are perfect. Not everyone is going to need a breath mint or deodorant, and some guests will be partying so hard all night they might not even leave the dance floor for the the restroom. Make sure to assign someone to pick your basket(s) up at the end of the night so your leftovers can go back home to restock your bathroom. You will be the hero to all forgetful guests and those who came without jackets, small pockets or bags. Not sure what to include in these lifesaving baskets? Take notes from the list below.

Bathroom basket stuffers

Band aids

Safety pins


Nail clippers and/or file


Stain remover

Contact solution

Bobby pins

Hair ties

Body spray and/or lotion

Deodorant (wipes)

Stain remover

Mouthwash, mints and/or gum



Oil blotting pads

Sanitary products – tampons and/or pads

Hair spray and/or gel

Lint roller


If you are tying the knot outdoors, you may want to include additional outdoor wedding basket stuffers, such as sunscreen and bug spray.