Its June 15th and we are just weeks away from taking that walk down the aisle on September 1st.  If you’re just now joining me on my transformation journey to my wedding day, check out my first blog here.

A few months ago, I was wheeling and dealing with trying to lose unwanted weight and get “wedding ready” and seeing little to no results.  Then, I heard about this incredible non-invasive procedure called CoolSculpting.  After doing some research, I decided to have a consult with Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery . Everyone in the office couldn’t be nicer, accommodating, and informed about every aspect of the procedure and that made me feel really comfortable from the start.

The area that I wanted to focus on was my stomach and those wonderful love handles. First things first, any sense of modesty goes out the window! This is the exact time you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed, this is the time to “let it all hang out” while they take pictures – at every angle. Then, my nurse, Bryn, measured how much of the fatty area would be suctioned with the CoolSculpting machine. Now, let me be honest here. When I say “measures fat area” I mean grabs all the “extra” of the specific area to make sure that as much fat can be cool sculpted as possible.  Then… well, I could try to describe each aspect of the process, but a video does it justice, check it out!

Again, the process itself is not painful. Yes, you feel the suction but it’s not bad and you go numb after 6-8 minutes. As you saw in the video, my stomach was very red and swollen immediately after the treatment.  By the next morning, the redness of my stomach had calmed down, and you feel numb and swollen for the most part, almost like you have a little bruising. A few days after the initial procedure, the swelling and numbness feeling subsides and if anything your stomach feels a little gelatinous.  I was a bit sore with moderate touch for a few days but very tolerable. There are no restrictions after the procedure – you can work out that same day if you want.  The only restriction, or common sense I should say, is don’t have this procedure and then go eat a cheeseburger, this would of course defeat the whole purpose of freezing the fat cells.

They say results take anywhere from 8-10 weeks to kick in, I’m about 5 weeks out from my abs (5/3) and 3 weeks for my love handles (5/24) so still in the early stages, but believe me I’m looking in the mirror every day!

In the coming weeks, I will reveal my pre-CoolSculpt and post-CoolSculpt pictures… stay tuned!

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