Welcome back everyone! Well… if you’re new to my wedding transformation blog, “hello!”

If you’ve been following along the wedding transformation of my fiancé and me, then you recently saw the first phase of the transformation – cool sculpting at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery.  I had my first CoolSculpting treatment (on stomach and love handles) on May 3rd and my second treatment on May 24th, and YES, I have seen results!  You can do this procedure pretty much anywhere on your body where you want to lose stubborn fat. After hearing about my incredible experience with it, a friend of mine got her arms done and is over the moon seeing the transformation slowly take place! I would give this service two thumbs up!

Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

You know how it is when you are preparing for the biggest day of your life, right? The extreme diet, getting your skin perfect, working out – anything to look stunning the day of.  Even with that, I didn’t exactly have a “double chin” but I did have a little chub of such that I wasn’t a fan of, and wanted to know what I could do to eliminate it – no one wants that in a profile picture!  

Good news! There are actually two easy ways I could have gone about it – CoolSculpting or Kybella. I chose Kybella, and again went back to my trusted friends at Beaty Facial Plastic. I did two injections, six weeks apart. What is Kybella you ask? Watch and learn!