Show off your quirky side with nontraditional engagement rings

Your love is one of a kind, so shouldn’t your engagement ring be too? Although classic and classy jewelry styles are always in fashion, you don’t have to be limited by them. There are a myriad of unique, nontraditional engagement ring ideas for same-sex, queer and trans couples that are packed with glamour and style, but dare to challenge the rules. Here’s a rundown of fabulous ones.

Jump into Jewels

blue topaz engagement ring


Blue topaz engagement ring, $3,800,

Diamonds will always have their special place in engagement rings, but colorful gems can be a refreshing way to make your ring beautiful and meaningful. For instance, you could choose a gemstone to match your birthstone, such as emerald if you’re born in May. Another idea is to get inspired by nature. As pictured above, this spectacular pear-cut gemstone is the perfect color to represent the sea and mermaids, held in place beautifully by sophisticated white gold and platinum.


Put a Twist on the Band

twisted halo diamond engagement ring

Twisted halo diamond engagement ring, $990 (setting price),

Perfectly round engagement ring bands are traditional and less dressed up, remaining subtle to make the central stone even more eye-catching. But the band can be gorgeous along with the diamond it’s holding. This creates a ring that truly stands out. An example is to choose a band that is covered in diamonds. Go one step further and make the diamond-encrusted band twist around the shank for a creative and striking touch.

Another idea for the engagement band is the pavé of diamonds along the entire ring in a different color, such as pink or blue. This adds an injection of color without letting you miss out on the big solitaire diamond if you like the idea. Think of it as the best of class and creativity in one!

Be Ahead of the Game

droid engagement ring for sci-fi lovers

Droid Lte 14-karat white gold ring, $1,895,

We live in the technological era and if you’re a fan of sci-fi or just intrigued by new and exciting jewelry designs, then a ring that looks like it belongs on another planet is a stunning idea. This will ensure that you have a ring that’s one-of-a-kind, as unique and different as you are. As sci-fi as these types of rings might look, they are also fitted with the most luxurious jewelry materials, such as 14K white gold and a dazzling central stone to catch the light. Beam me up to beauty!

Choose ‘Something Old’ With a Glamorous Spin

Raphaella is a vintage-inspired 18k yellow gold ring centering a stunning 1.72ct Oval Faceted aquamarine, casting a dreamy oceanic hue.

Raphaella vintage-inspired ring, Claire Pettibone, aquamarine, garnet and diamond, $4,800,

Vintage engagement rings are a gorgeous and sophisticated way to bring your bridal jewelry to new heights. Vintage pieces give you a unique flair and they don’t always have to be a family heirloom passed down through generations or look like they’ve lived through a war. These engagement rings come in a lot of different forms and designs, such as diamonds in a tiara design or floral pattern. Another idea is to have a halo of colored gemstones around a colorful central stone to put a spin on the transparent solitaire diamond.

Step Over to the Dark (Jewel) Side

dark stone engagement rings

Rustic diamond oak leafside Cathy Waterman platinum diamond ring, $8,600,

You might think of diamonds as bright and clear, but they can also be sparkling in darker hues, such as grey and black. Darker diamonds are becoming popular because they dare to do something completely different and special. Brown diamonds and rich jewel tones, such as sapphires, are intriguing, while black diamonds add a dramatic touch to your bridal jewelry. Dark diamonds can also be a great match for your personality and/or lifestyle, such as if you like to wear a lot of black or you enjoy unusual pieces. They’re perfect for creative brides.