“Marry me already or I’m out,” sounds a bit sitcom-y, but for my mother it was time. After meeting on a blind date back in the 70’s, she was finally tired of waiting. Not much of a bling-queen, she required something a bit more useful than a diamond: a bedroom set. “Well, we do have to sleep at night … don’t we?” I always dug her rationale, as I’m not really one for jewelry either, but I’m finding that wearing my heart on my designer sleeves has my mind in a tizzy over engagement rings. Sure, I’m happily single but a boy can dream of ivory and diamonds! Ok, maybe not ivory, but I digress. Recently, with “Glee” raising the bar (with YouTube flash-mob inspiration, no doubt), I’m finding my sappier side unleashing into the world of matrimony.

The masculine engagement ring isn’t “just an afterthought anymore,” as A. JAFFE designer Laura Moynahan tells us. “They want a ring that is carefully, thoughtfully designed and more than just a basic wedding band.” She’s right. Something as complex as marriage, it’s many layers does require thought, precision and an effortless appearance. Where I may lie between Moynahan and my mother, I’m a firm believer of “it’s the thought that counts.” If that thought just so happens to come with a flash-mob and a ring, who am I to oblige?

Three of my favorites in A. JAFFE’s collection:


A chic, fashion forward look (style #BB0111BD) with the black diamonds, this ring revels in it’s simplicity.


The Morse Code Ring—created in platinum—features baguettes that spell out customized phrases to match you and your beau.
A classic look (style #BB0147) that’s most masculine and elegant in either black or white diamonds.