Offbeat Hawaii honeymoons are full of adventure

Hawaii honeymoons are idyllic and abundance of delicious fare, gorgeous vistas and unique Polynesian culture. When you’re planning a honeymoon to Hawaii, try going beyond what you think you know about this natural paradise.

So what does an adventurous offbeat Hawaii honeymoon entail? Seeking out the authentic, eating something you’ve never tried before, doing what locals do, experience fun outside of your comfort zone. In other words, just let Hawaii happen.

Hawaii is comprised of six major islands, each with their own traits.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | Napali Coast

Known for: Napali Coast, Hanalei, Waimea Canyon. A place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. The northernmost and greenest of islands.
Don’t miss: Viewing Napali, or “the cliffs,” a 15-mile expanse of rocky, steep and beauteous coastline that stretches along Kauai’s northwest shore. It can be a grueling hike, but you can take a catamaran as well. If you get seasick, you can also shell out a bit for a one-hour helicopter tour.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | OAHU farmers market
Known for: Waikiki, the North Shore, Pearl Harbor. Home to the majority of Hawai‘i’s population. Urban, energetic, modern, cuisine.
Don’t miss: Shop the local farmers market at Kapiolani Community College. Dozens of vendors sell their wares each week, so you can learn about local produce such as the buy red rambutan fruit (cousin of the lychee) and taste foods such as Otsuji Farm’s sweet potato and banana fritters covered in maple syrup.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | Maui

Known for: Haleakala, Hana, Lahaina. Laid back and leisurely, Maui has a mixture of luxurious resorts and charming small towns.
Don’t miss: The guava malasadas (hole-less Portuguese doughnuts) at the T. Komoda Store and Bakery, situated in the Upcountry area of Maui in the town of Makawao. This unpretentious bakery is a local favorite. Their donuts and pastries beckon customers near and far—don’t be surprised to see a line.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | Polihua Beach, Lanai

Known for: Part of Maui County, Lanai is a small island renowned for its luxury, seclusion and serenity.
Don’t miss: Polihua Beach, a remote two-mile stretch of sand that attracts visitors seeking a romantic setting. Head here during December and April to see migrating humpback whales from the shore.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | Molokai

Known for: Part of Maui County, Molokai is a small island renowned for its cultural authenticity and commitment to an unspoiled and simpler life.
Don’t miss: The Kalaupapa National Historical Park and guided mule tour. In the cool Molokai uplands, ride down 1,700 feet of the highest sea cliffs in the world. You’ll see some of the more remote areas of the park including the rare native habitat for several endangered endemic Hawaiian plants and animals.

offbeat Hawaii honeymoons | Island of Hawaii

Hawaii Island
Known for: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea, Hilo, Kona. The biggest island, it’s a place for exploration, adventure and culture.
Don’t miss: Lightly steaming your face at the gentle steam vents at Kilauea Caldera, an active volcano near the National Park Visitor Center. Rainwater trickles down through cracks until it hits rocks heated by the liquid rock below. The hot water rises through fissures and condenses in the air as steam.

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