The new Zales ad shows a lesbian wedding and One Million Moms is not happy

Tis the season for holiday commercials as companies pull out their best marketing tactics to win over consumers everywhere. Zales, the diamond and fine jewelry retailer, recently released their “We Believe” campaign for the holidays but has received some backlash for their new ad.

In their attempt to target the LGBTQ community, the Zales ad features four couples at various stages of their relationships, all beaming from ear to ear and exuding joy. One of the couples depicted are lesbians, both adorned in wedding dresses as they exchange vows at an outdoor ceremony and process down the aisle as a newly married couple. Zales even references the long fight for marriage equality in the commercial, acknowledging how long many couples had to wait for the right to marry legally.

“Love that’s worth waiting for,” the voiceover states as the video pans over the two women sliding on a Zales ring.

While the commercial may appeal to many, it has offended others. One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, has put out a call to action for moms to contact Zales and urge them to pull the ad immediately. Accusing Zales of “[normalizing] sin” and “pushing the LGBTQ agenda,” One Million Moms argues that it is the job of parents, not mainstream media, to introduce social issues to their children. The article then goes on to discuss why homosexuality is wrong, citing a passage from the Bible.

“Zales is using public airwaves to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and belittle the sanctity of marriage in an attempt to redefine marriage. Even though homosexuality is unnatural, this advertisement is pushing the LGBTQ agenda,” the article states.

In addition to the ad, One Million Moms also references their displeasure with the company’s “Love and Pride Collection” that promotes equality, diversity and unity. The Love and Pride Collection features same-sex wedding bands engagement rings and rainbow jewelry.

Looks like we’ll see you at Zales this holiday season!

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