Yes, you’re excited for the Big Day, but you’re likely even more excited for the day after, when the chaos has died down and you and your honey head off to Bora Bora or somewhere equally exotic. Rather than settle for the generic black suitcase likely to get lost amongst the other generic black suitcases at baggage claim, opt for something more stylish, more you. Here are four suitcases to fast track you into the jet set.

gay-wedding-style-honeymoon-bags-paul-smith-steamerPaul Smith Steamer

Yes, it’s black, but it is also not the run-of-the-mill roller found in airports around the world. Discrete enough to remain under the radar of any airport thieves but classic enough to take you around the world a few times, this durable four-wheeled steamer won’t let you down.



gay-wedding-style-honeymoon-bags-burberryBurberry Leather Holdall

When it comes to luggage, Burberry is synonymous with timeless. This stunning weekender works as both something new and blue, if you need any convincing.


gay-wedding-style-honeymoon-bags-vespaVespa Logo Bag

This vintage-looking Vespa bag may not look like much, but it’ll be your new best friend as you and yours walk hand-in-hand down Parisian streets. It’s perfectly suited for maps, cameras and accessories should you decide to take a day trip as well.



gay-wedding-style-honeymoon-bags-teqTravelTeq Trip Sound Carry-On

If you have ever nursed the fantasy of being an international wo/man of mystery, this carry-on is for you. This aluminum-sided suitcase not only transforms into a chair, but also houses a sound system capable of playing eight hours of music, while also functioning as a docking station. Equally ideal for bumping those island tunes as for those business trips you’ll be taking when you’re back on the mainland.