The ring shot is one of the most beloved details of a wedding album. The still life photography found in a whirlwind of action images can perfectly illustrate the couple in an artistic and beautiful manner. We poured through our Real Weddings archives to bring you 10 inspirations for your own unique ring shots.

anne-and-kpoene-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot BLOOM BEAUTY
Anne and Kpoené incorporated many floral details into their gorgeous garden wedding, including photographing their delicately detailed wedding bands on a bright blossom. Photographing your rings on flowers is a dreamy way to symbolize the love that continues to grow daily between you and your partner.

Lucarelli Photography

carol-and-kesha-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot SIMPLE & SWEET 
With your wedding rings as the center of attention, we recommend staying away from exceptionally busy backgrounds when taking ring photographs. The single color, metallic background in Carol and Kesha’s intimate affair paired perfectly with the glimmer of the rings.

Aragon Photography

jesse-and-fernan-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot PROP PERSONALITY 
Jesse and Fernan captured their exotic travels in their wedding band shot, which also played as the theme to their San Francisco nuptials. Bringing in props to show aspects of you as a couple will bring special meaning to the photograph.

Michelle Feileacan Photography

adam-and-cliff-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot DESIGN DRAMA 
Black-and-white shots, as seen here in Adam and Cliff’s tungsten carbide wedding bands, make a dramatic statement.

Katherine Atteberry

elysa-and-marie-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot DOUBLE THE DETAILS 
Incorporating other wedding details into the ring shot, without overpowering, is an easy way to knock two detail shots off of your list in one photograph, as Elysa and Marie did, showcasing their wedding bands on Marie’s bridal bouquet.

Dixie Lee Photography

jason-and-eric-real-gay-weddings-ring-shots ENVIRONMENTAL INSPIRATION 
Take a cue from your surroundings when searching for the perfect ring shot. Jason and Eric exchanged “I dos” in an idyllic apple orchard, so it was apropos to stylize their ring photography with the crispy, delicate fruits.

Kate Webber Photography

alison-and-irene-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot FUN PHOTOGRAPHY 
No one says ring shots have to be formal! Alison and Irene had fun with theirs, playfully crowning tiny wooden bride and broom figurines.

Our Labor of Love

shae-and-beth-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot A WAY WITH WORDS 
It’s a tradition to write a letter to your bride- or groom-in-waiting, and we love the idea of stylizing your ring shot on top of these love letters. It’s a romantic way to cherish the words long after the paper has faded.

You Ought to be in Pictures

christen-and-christina-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot SURF AND SAND 
Perfect for beach weddings, filling glass votives with colorful sand adds a textural element to the ring shot photograph, and they can double as décor.

Megan Robbins Photography

christen-and-christina-real-gay-weddings-ring-shot-2 SEEING GREEN 
Mixed greenery is hot for wedding flowers and bouquets in 2012, and styling your ring shot with lush plants is a great way to incorporate this trend into your photos.

Megan Robbins Photography