reverend-jesse-jackson-marriage-equality-marylandAs I wrote a few weeks ago, Maryland has a ballot measure this fall that could grant marriage equality to the LGBT community in its state. We received some uplifting and positive news today when the Huffington Post reported that Reverend Jesse Jackson is urging Maryland voters to vote in favor of that ballot. Jackson has been expressing continued support for the LGBT community, as earlier this week, the Huffington Post reported that he would perform a same-sex wedding ceremony if he was asked to do so.

The writer of today’s article, Mike Signorile, interviewed Jackson at the Democratic National Convention last week for his radio program, and recalls Jackson’s firm position. “The culture has had to expand. …For so long we thought it was a sin for blacks to have freedom. … All citizens deserve constitutional protections. You know, you have a right not to agree with interracial marriage but no one should be denied rights under the law.”

After that statement, which harkened back to the civil rights work Jackson is known for, he beseeched Maryland’s large African-American community to influence the marriage equality vote. “They should not vote [against people’s civil rights],” he said. Let’s hope all the citizens of Maryland take Jackson’s words to heart, and that we can report on a victory in Maryland in the near future.