Amy Atlas dessert buffet

When it comes to picking your wedding’s theme, I always remind couples that it’s a wedding and not a Bar Mitzvah. Meaning you’re not going to have a Care Bear–themed wedding where all the table centerpieces are over-sized Care Bears. And if your wedding is a location like New York City, the table names can be locations in the Big Apple but you’re not erecting 4-foot-tall street lamps with street signs, like my mom did for my Bat Mitzvah.

But while you’re theme shouldn’t turn your wedding into a Bar mitzvah party, there are other details that can be Bar Mitzvah-like and your guests will love them.

Pigs-in-a-Blanket While it’s a kid-friendly food, it’s a favorite at every party whether you’re having friends over to watch a game or having your wedding at a hotel ballroom. You can’t go wrong with PIBs unless you serve them with a non-Gulden’s style mustard.

Dessert Buffet Have you seen an Amy Atlas dessert buffet? They’re amazing—both to look at and to eat. What was once the Venetian Table has transformed into a stylized assortment of candies and pastries. You can thank Amy for this, and if you’re getting hitched in New York you may want to book her.


Jazzy Lites At my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah earlier this year the DJ gave out silicone rings that lit up when squeezed and they were a lot of fun to wear, though I did worry my daughter may get a seizure from them. Anyway, they come in lots of colors, including clear/white shown here. Visit to see their selection of colors. You can find ones that match your wedding’s theme!