Aveena and Alissa celebrated their marriage with a modern and romantic fall wedding that included touches of Aveena’s Indian culture. The venue was industrial-inspired with wood textures and high, exposed beam ceilings, and the couple added plenty of flowers and candles to ensure that the space felt intimate and warm. They got married in Bellevue, Washington; Aveena proposed to Alissa on January 19, 2019.

What advice would you give to engaged LGBTQ+ couples?

The best advice we received was to make the wedding our own every step of the way. We chose not to do some traditional things, like the father-daughter dance, because Aveena’s father wasn’t present. Be sure to surround yourselves with people who are affirming and love you, whether it’s family or friends. Despite the stress trust that you will enjoy the day and feel happy to see everyone who showed up, rather than distracted by those who didn’t.

Advice for vendors and venues working with LGBTQ+ couples?

Ensure your website and social media specifically expresses in writing and/or pictures your desire to work with LGBTQ+ couples. It was exhausting to ask vendors if they would feel comfortable working at our wedding, and it was so nice to see that upfront with the people we ultimately found. It was also helpful that vendors, especially our photographer, didn’t assume all families would be involved. Like other LGBTQ+ couples, not everyone accepted our wedding and many family members declined invitations.

Did you have a bach (bachelor or bachelorette) party?

We had separate bachelorette parties. Aveena was surprised a few days before by her sister and friends, while Alissa had planned a joint bachelorette party with her two best friends (one of whom got married the month before).

What challenges did you face as an LGBTQ+ couple planning your wedding?

The biggest challenges were the ones we faced within our families. Aveena’s family continues to struggle with her sexual orientation and caused a lot of hardships during the wedding season. She dealt with endless texts, emails, phone calls and conversations in person with people who couldn’t understand why she would marry a woman and refused to be a part of the process.

Did you encounter any pleasant surprises as an LGBTQ+ couple planning your wedding?

Some of our family and friends were especially supportive, knowing this wasn’t an easy season for Aveena. It was wonderful meeting vendors who were affirming and so excited to be a part of our day.

Who walked down the aisle and with whom? Or who (if anyone) waited at the front?

Aveena walked down the aisle first with her sister Ashley and waited at the front. Alissa walked down the aisle next with her dad, Jeff.

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Photographer: Carley Jayne Photography

Venue: Cast Iron Studios

Florist: Colibri Blooms

Planner: brightevents.co, @Bright Events

Invitations: Zola

Attire: Emmy Mae “Bec”

Jewelry: Ben Bridge & La More Design & Mejuri

Officiant: Chris Crow

Hair and Makeup: LiSun Goh

Photo Booth: The SnapBar