Malin Goetz Five o’Clock Shadow Men's GroomingThe five o’clock shadow. That sweet spot between sexy and scruffy that’s nearly impossible to intentionally perfect. And while the look doesn’t necessarily yield formality, the fact of the matter is, there’s a good chance your soon-to-be husband finds it hot. So why not go for it on your wedding day?

Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, the grooming power couple in New York City, have been together for 18 years and in 2004 joined cosmetic forces on the skincare scene with the launch of Malin+Goetz.

And when it comes to five o’clock shadows, they find them “sexy and mysterious.” “I think it shows that a guy is not uptight and a bit of a renegade,” says Malin. “Someone who is willing to take some risks.” Check out their tips for maintaining the sexy stubble:

circle_1 Maintain a good foundation with a healthy skin. For routine shaving, start with softening the beard in a warm shower, using a face scrub that will help exfoliate and prepare your face (they recommend their Jojoba Face Scrub).
circle_2 Never shave against the grain, and they warn of shaving too closely. “Both these things can potentially cause razor bumps,” notes Goetz.
circle_3 Use a sharp razor and high-quality cream, such as their Vitamin E Shaving Cream, which is super hydrating and has a natural method of cooling and calming the skin.
circle_4 On the big day, ensure that the neckline is shaven and trimmed, and use electric clippers to create the constant shadow.