Whether we wish to admit it or not, deciding on what shapewear to buy is an underlying issue we all have. While there are numerous brands on the market, we’ve shopped, shopped and shopped again to find the absolute best options for when you say “I do” during your upcoming wedding.


We adore the newer line Skineez Skincarewear because not only does it slim your problem areas, but it also comes with a special slimming spray that actually tones and firms with little to no effort on your end. You just reapply this spray to your shapewear every 10 washes and the microcapsules release due to the friction from your body heat. What’s easier than that?

Our suggestion? If you already have a workout routine in place, start wearing the Thigh Slimmer everyday for four to six weeks to actually help in the weight-loss process. You’ll instantly look and feel slimmer and smoother as your wedding day approaches.


We’ve also recently become obsessed with Nearly Nude’s Slimming Slip. If you’re wearing a gorgeous v-neck wedding dress, this slip will slim all of your problem areas and help accentuate your waistlinesomething every woman wants. Plus, the slip comes in nude, so you won’t see it under any white dress.