From memorized vows, a ring warming from every guest and a custom archway of tree branches to birdseed thrown in celebration, Jamie and Kylie’s Georgia state park wedding honored their love of nature and each other.

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These two beautiful souls had an amazing wedding day in the North Georgia mountains. Jamie and Kylia’s wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Our day started out in a cabin in the woods surrounded by both Jamie and Kylia’s wedding party and family. Everyone had their own job to do in the wedding and they all pulled together to make this beautiful day happen.

The two stunning brides got ready in the same house but didn’t see each other until the first look. During the first look, the brides stood back to back anxiously waiting to see each other. Before they turned around they held hands and prepared themselves to see their blushing bride. Once they did turn around, man was it emotional!! They both told each other how beautiful she looked, gave little kisses and wiped each other’s tears. It was one of the most beautiful first looks I have ever been a part of.

The ceremony took place at a group shelter in Red Top Mountain State Park. They had a beautiful archway made out of tree branches right in front of the lake. As each guest took their seat, they were asked to warm the wedding rings and say a blessing to the couple. The brides had a folk band playing during the ceremony, and they were great at getting the guests excited. As the two brides exchanged their vows, there was not a dry eye in the house. Both ladies memorized their vows and wiped each other’s tears as they spoke. The vows were emotional, touching and straight from the heart.

Everyone there helped make this wedding possible. It was definitely a group effort and I believe it turned out beautifully. Jamie’s mother made the food, a friend of the couple made the beautiful wedding cake, and a lot of family friends set up decor and flowers. These lovely ladies brought back an old tradition for their exit: birdseed. As the couple left, all their guests took handfuls of birdseed and showered the stunning brides. It was truly an amazing day and I just can not say enough great things about these lovely ladies. 


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Venue: Red Top Mountain State Park

Photography: Chrissy Noel Photography

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