With popular shows like TLC’s Cake Boss, a reality show that highlights the making and decorating of custom event cakes at Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey, it is no wonder that specialty bakeries have been the primary wedding cake destination for brides and grooms. Recently, however, specialty bake shops have begun to receive some serious competition from an unlikely source: supermarkets.


Wedding cake from SuperValu, $225.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an increasing amount of soon-to-be couples are purchasing their cakes from stores such as Publix and Safeway for roughly $200 to $400. A tiny price tag in comparison to specialty shops where prices can easily bypass the $1,000 mark.


Wedding cake from SuperValu, $390.

Although these grocery store wedding cakes are cheaper, they do not necessarily represent a compromise on taste as each cake is custom made.

“There are so many variables that go into selecting a wedding cake, such as the number of people you plan to feed, the amount of decorator detail, the type of cake, filling vs. fondant, etc.,” said Brenda Reid, a media relations representative of Publix. “Each cake can be customized to fit the customer’s needs.”

Traditional wedding cake choices from specialty shops, like buttercream icing, fondant and fruit fillings, are available. The same goes with cake options, which range from carrot to marble. The bakers and decorators in these supermarket stores are specially trained to make sure the wedding cake is perfect.


Wedding cakes from SuperValu, $650 each.

“Today, most of the bakers are trained on site,” said Jody Barrick, director of bakery for SuperValu, the brand under which stores such as Albertson’s, ACME and Farm Fresh operate. “In most of our shops we have a cake decorator that does the wedding cakes and specialty cakes. Some have learned the trade through the years and some have taking specialty classes to learn more about trends and icings.”

It may be hard at first to consider buying your wedding cake from your local grocery stores, but many couples are absolutely thrilled with the high quality-to-price ratio.