High school sweethearts Olivia (she/her) and Jacey (she/her) love winter weather, so when Olivia decided to surprise Jacey with a proposal, she knew January would be the ideal time. Jacey had proposed to Olivia first, over the summer at the beach, so Olivia planned to pop the question under the guise of an engagement session at Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri.

Two white people with blonde hair hold hands as one of them twirls in front of a marble and concrete fountain.

Two white people with blonde hair hold hands facing each other.

A person in a checkered jacket kneels on one knee in front of a person in a tan jacket, holding a ring.

The natural light gave these portraits a film aesthetic as the pair casually took photos and chatted with their photographer. When they reached the center of the Grand Basin, featuring the park’s historic fountains, Olivia got down on one knee and proposed.

Two blonde people hold hands and touch noses with a winter wooded background behind them.

A candid photo of two people holding hands and gazing at each other.

There was one more surprise in store for Jacey. Knowing that family was an important part of their relationship, Olivia invited family members to celebrate after Jacey said yes. The couple’s family members arrived, bringing champagne for a celebratory toast.

Two people stand in an atrium area. The one on the left is clearly surprised and delighted.

A group of people stands and cheers a champagne toast to the engaged couple.

The engaged couple share a kiss in front of a white stone structure.

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Photographer: Dorothy Louise Photography

Location: Forest Park Visitor and Education Center

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