Whether you’re newly engaged or have been planning for months, having professional engagement photos might seem like a low priority in your wedding planning journey. But having an engagement photoshoot is a meaningful way to commemorate this special time in your life, and there are so many reasons to treat yourself to an intimate, creative photo experience.

Find LGBTQ+ inclusive photographers in your area for engagement photos.

Engagement pictures document such an exciting time in your lives, but they can also be used as a central part of your wedding stationery. This is a great way to incorporate some personal flair to your invitations and wedding website before the big day arrives. Plus, your guests will love seeing how happy and excited you look together as your photos adorn their fridges!

Image by Emerald Moon Photography

Engagement photos can also make excellent gifts for family members and friends who weren’t able to be present at the proposal(s). These stunning images will bring out all the love and joy you share as you prepare to embark on the next adventure of your lifetime.

Another reason why getting engagement pictures taken is worth it? It gives you an excuse to dress up for the camera. With engagement photos, you have the perfect opportunity to express your individual style, in a way that you may not have time for on your wedding day. Add a bit of flair with props that represent you as a couple, like a favorite book or hobby item, or even a fun costume or outfit change for a themed shoot. If you have a pet who might not be participating in your special day, this is a fantastic opportunity to get a few shots with your fur baby as well!

Image by Cortiella Photography

Having an engagement photoshoot also gives you the added bonus of flexibility in the backdrops you can include. You may not be getting married close to important landmarks for you and your partner(s), but an engagement session allows you to capitalize on the settings, weather and time-of-day of your preference. With a wider range of dates and time frames to coordinate with your photographer, you get maximum creative control for a variety of images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Some people propose back to their partners during engagement photoshoots! This is especially common for queer couples who want to propose to each other. LGBTQ+ engagement looks different for every relationship, and being able to capture the magic of popping the question back to your partner can make your session even more special.

Image by Riley Glenn Photography

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