North Carolina spouses-to-be Veronica (she/her) and Sophie (she/her) met on Tinder and realized they had a mutual friend in common. Despite not looking for a relationship at the time, after hanging out as a group, Veronica and Sophie couldn’t deny that they wanted to be together.

A faded brick wall with a rectangular window. Two white people are sitting cross-legged with their noses touching.

Two white people kiss in front of downtown Raleigh buildings. Both are wearing light wash jeans

A close up oftwo white people kissing, with one's hand on the other's cheek. They are showing off a rose gold ring with an opal setting.

Everything about their relationship just felt right to both of them, from exchanging their first “I love yous” in a Dick’s Sporting Goods parking lot to making things official over pad thai.

Fast forward to two days short of their five month anniversary–and their first Pride celebration together–and Veronica was ready to pop the question. She knew that Sophie wanted to be proposed to in a quiet and romantic setting, so when the festival ended, they went to a dock on Lake Lynn. Veronica shared how she was excited to see what the future held for them, and before Sophie could process what was happening, Veronica was on one knee.

Two white people wearing jeans walk hand in hand along a plank wood walkway.

Two white people, one with short hair and one with long curly hair, are about to kiss.

Two white people stand in front pf a white brick building. One stands behind the other, hugging her. They are both laughing.

The ring was everything Sophie dreamed of: a rose-gold band with an opal stone in the center. Overwhelmed with emotions, Veronica asked, “Will you marry me?,” and an equally emotional Sophie answered without hesitation, “YES!”

They went to their shared workplace to celebrate with mimosas, where Sophie could not stop telling the members of their work family the news and showing off the ring. Everyone’s responses were supportive and–much to Sophie’s surprise–all knowing. Apparently, Veronica had been planning to ask for weeks, getting Sophie’s parents’ blessing, and telling people today was going to be the day all while keeping it the best surprise Sophie could’ve ever imagined!

Two white people dressed in pink hold hands in a botanical garden.

Two white people wearing pink share a kiss.

Two white people wearing pink lean against a stone column and embrace.

Later that month, they announced their engagement to the world, and Sophie gave Veronica a ring. The couple had an engagement photoshoot at various locations in their home city of Raleigh, North Carolina, and started the exciting process of planning their wedding day.

Two white people wearing pink embrace in a garden. One, with long curly hair, smiles at the camera as the other kisses her cheek.

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Photographer: Savvy Leigh Photography

Locations: Raleigh Rose Garden; The Dillon Raleigh

Makeup Artist: Brushes and Brows

Hair Stylist: Locks by Lex

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