Engaged couple Daniel (he/him) and Tony (he/him) call each other “Bello” and “Beast.” Their shared love of Disney is part of what bonded them as they fell in love, becoming such an integral part of their relationship that their nicknames and wedding are themed around Beauty and the Beast.

Fittingly, their proposal could be right out of a storybook. Daniel shares part of their story: “We had plans to go to Tony’s best friend’s apartment to watch movies and have a relaxing night with her, or that’s what I thought. Tony told me that he had to work late so we would have to drive separate cars, which I thought was fine. When I get to her apartment, Katelyn was waiting outside her door with her hands in the back, which I thought was weird, then she reveals her hands to give me a single yellow rose and open the door for me.”

A tile sign hangs from a cast-iron post. The sign reads: 656 N. Park Avenue; Casa Feliz.

A black-and-white image of two men, smiling with their heads touching.

Two engaged men are in front of a vine-covered fountain. One sits on the edge of the fountain, the other stands next to him, with one arm around him.

Yellow roses are known for symbolizing happiness, friendship and luck, but for this couple, a yellow rose evokes something more specific and moving. The rose, of course, is a direct reference to a pivotal plot point in their favorite movie, the color reminiscent of Belle’s yellow ballgown in the original film.

“[Our friend’s] whole apartment was covered in rose petals,” Daniel continues, “framed pictures of us from all the adventures and moments we’ve spent together. Oh, and candles–100 to be specific. Taylor Swift’s Lover was playing in the background, and there was Tony, standing all handsome waiting for me to enter the apartment. I was so happy and surprised because this was a dream come true…but it all made sense. So I walked to where Tony was, he read some beautiful words that he wrote, and then he got on his knees and proposed to me. And of course, I said, ‘YES!’ while crying. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Two engaged men stand in an open garden. One is wearing a pink sweater, the other wearing a blue shirt. They are smiling directly at the camera.

Two engaged men stand in front of a stone building. One kisses the other on the cheek.

Daniel and Tony’s engagement photos were taken at La Casa Feliz in Winter Park, Florida, a romantic venue replete with cobblestones and greenery that make the historic location feel just like a fairy tale.

Engaged couple Tony and Daniel stand under a beautiful brick arch, kissing.

Two engaged men walk towards the camera, a large brick arch building in the background behind them. They are holding hands and laughing.

A black-and-white photo of two men holding hands in front of a brick building.

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Reception Venue: Casa Feliz

Photographer: Snapshots by Gabriela

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