With so many options out there in every possible genre, how do you choose the perfect first dance song for your wedding? It might be easy if you and your partner already have a song that you call yours, or you might want to differ from your usual for this special occasion.

Here are a few great options that’ll help you get started on finding the best first dance song.

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“‘Let My Love Open the Door’ (the M. Ward version). Pete Townshend lovers might disagree, but M. Ward slows down this classic just a touch, and really adds something modern and romantic. We love it because it’s familiar with a twist, it’s fun to dance to, and there’s an overall happy vibe.” —Lesley Smith, Ceremony App

“There couldn’t be a better artist to dance to as a newlywed couple than the king of love songs himself, John Mayer. Not only does ‘Who You Love’ by John Mayer have a catchy beat that’ll have everyone swaying side to side along with the lovely partners, but its message of ‘you love who you love’ makes this first dance moment all the more genuine and special!” —Afeisha James-Kipps, co-founder, Wedspire

“For LGBTQ+ couples, songs without gender-specific pronouns are perfect for a first wedding dance. What better way to say love is love than with an all-inclusive first dance song that celebrates every type of union? Here are some of our favorite gender-neutral wedding songs:

‘Just the Way You Are,’ Billy Joel

‘I’m Yours,’ Jason Mraz

‘By Your Side,’ Sade

‘Come Away With Me,’ Norah Jones

‘Halo,’ Beyoncé

‘It Had To Be You,’ Billie Holiday

‘One and Only,’ Adele.” —Jenna Miller, Here Comes the Guide

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“‘The Nearness of You’ (the Norah Jones version). Lots of artists covered this old jazz standard, but Norah Jones’ version is one of the most powerfully romantic songs on the planet. It’s also fairly short, so if you want something slow but not too sleepy, this is a perfect option.” —Lesley Smith, Ceremony App

One of the songs that are top of mind when thinking of a modern take on a classic first dance song full of meaning is inclusive and speaks to a couple’s sweet love story is the song ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by The Once. It has such a sweet, soft melody, and really speaks to marrying your best friend and bringing out the best in one another, which to us, couldn’t more perfectly describe some of the best parts about marriage!” —Stephanie Allen, Owner, Allenbrooke Farms

“We’d also recommend something by Tegan and Sara. They started the Tegan and Sarah Foundation, which fights for health, economic justice, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. ‘Love They Say,’ Tegan and Sara.” —Jenna Miller, Here Comes the Guide

“First dance songs are a great way for the couple to personalize their wedding style. Selecting a song that truly represents them and the love they share for one another. Some of my favorites are ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele, and lastly, ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ by Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran.” —Weddings by Susan Dunne