Suits and tuxedos used to be considered menswear, but people of all bodies and gender identities can wear suits. We’re excited to see significant growth in the fashion industry for women’s suits, especially made with stud, butch and femme lesbians and LGBTQ+ folks in mind. One of the most LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming suit companies making an impression on us is SuitShop, a U.S.-based, women-founded brand committed to helping anyone and everyone suit themselves comfortably.

The female founders, Diana Ganz and Jeanne Foley, first launched with the brand’s men’s line in 2016 with the goal to make it easier than ever to buy a suit for a wedding. But it wasn’t long before they realized that women were looking for—and struggling to find—a suit shopping company or experience that would not only welcome them but also understand them.

This prompted SuitShop’s launch of its women’s suiting line with suits and tuxedos with a range of polished looks in shades of black, grays and blues, and a wide array of sizes. The suits were designed to coordinate perfectly with the original men’s line for optimal mixing and matching, allowing customers to create the set that fit both their body and style expression best.

Since then, they’ve expanded their collection with more accessibility and inclusivity from efforts including an ever-expanding broader size range (and stay tuned for their move beyond the binary with their forthcoming unisex suit!), a more flexible fabric, and a wider range of colors including a deep teal, burgundy and a navy tuxedo.

Translation: sexy, hot, gorgeous suits for all bodies and gender identities for queer weddings and beyond. And it’s not just us noticing.


These reviews from actual customers are affirming and heartwarming:

“The suits allow us ladies to make the look as masculine or feminine as we like with the right fit.” — Shay

“I seriously got misty-eyed trying it on. As a trans femme, it’s been an absolute nightmare trying to find an affordable burgundy suit for my childhood friend’s wedding. I am so incredibly relieved to be my genuine self for this special day.” — Falyn

“We loved our suits! One of the biggest struggles of the wedding was finding suits that fit how we wanted.” — Jenna

“As a suit-wearing queer woman, I know how hard finding a great suit that actually fits my body shape can be! I am happy to say I am now the proud owner of three stunning suits from SuitShop.” — Megan

“As a masc nonbinary person I am drawn to and only buy men’s suits, but I do need specific measurements that accommodate my AFAB body so I have a bit more of a tailored look. With SuitShop and their constant desire to understand and serve the LGBTQ+ community (and all our shapes, sizes, gender identities and expressions), I not only feel confident in what they can offer me for some of my suit needs, but also confident in recommending them to anyone in our community looking for a wedding suit or wedding tux.” — Mo Palladino, Equally Wed cofounder


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These authentic testimonials from cis and trans women, femmes and nonbinary people not only demonstrate what SuitShop is doing for our community, but also put a spotlight on what our frustrations with women’s suiting has been up to this point. It’s hard to find a good-fitting suit that celebrates our bodies how we see them, not as society aims to shape us. And that brings us joy. Lots and lots of queer joy. The Equally Wed heart is a trademark of Palladino Publishing, LLC.

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