The trend of sustainable weddings is on the rise. This movement to green weddings helps the planet, but it can also help to save money and reduce your stress in the wedding planning process. When it comes to making decisions for your nuptials, the options feel endless, but with an eco-friendly approach, things can get a lot more manageable. Get inspired this Earth Day with these tips and ideas for a more eco-friendly wedding!

1. Choose local, in-season florals

Sustainability is, first and foremost, about making the most of the natural resources readily available to you. Choosing in-season, local florals for your wedding bouquets and arrangements is an easy way to embrace the season and support local businesses while nurturing the natural flora in your area. As a big ticket item, wedding flowers are an ideal way to invest in a sustainable approach to keep your special day environmentally friendly without compromising on aesthetics.

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2. Select ethically produced attire

Selecting sustainable apparel for your wedding day attire can have a major impact on your wedding’s carbon footprint. The number of eco-friendly wedding apparel retailers is constantly growing, so finding a designer that fits your style is easier than ever. But don’t worry–ethical apparel doesn’t just mean sustainably made or expensive gowns or suits. Upcycling your wedding apparel or pulling from pieces you already have can make a world of difference for the Earth and your wallet. Keep reusability in mind for your accessories, shoes and any other wedding party apparel. The more use you can get out of an item after the big day, the better!

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3. Gift your guests plantable favors or invites

Plantable paper and flower seeds as favors have been increasing in popularity thanks to viral TikTok videos. Seeded paper invitations or menus are an interactive way of including sustainable elements in your wedding day, but this can be a relatively pricey option as printing on this specialty stationery is a more intensive process. A great way to offset paper usage is to choose recycled paper or send your guests home with a packet of seeds inspired by your wedding florals.

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4. Consider a micro wedding

A micro wedding is a small, intimate ceremony, generally consisting of 50 or fewer guests. By nature of having a small number of attendees, your wedding costs and environmental impact (from flowers, transportation, food waste, paper goods, etc.) go down when you have a micro wedding. This may not be the best option for everyone, but if you’re looking for a small party or are on the fence about eloping versus throwing a big bash, this may be worth considering.

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5. Choose eco-conscious vendors

Selecting vendors who share your values is a surefire way to make your wedding day as enjoyable and sustainable as possible. Many wedding vendors and venues provide statements of impact or have processes in place, like a recycling system to offset emissions or methods of gem sourcing that are as ethical as possible. Vendors who actively work to protect the environment often intersect with those who are LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming, so be sure to check out our vendor directory for leads.

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6. Go for repurposed and DIY decor

Repurposed or DIY decor is a common way of designing your reception space in an eco-friendly way. From centerpieces to signage, there are lots of crafty ways to customize your wedding in a way that feels both personal and practical. Some common upcycling wedding projects include collecting glassware to turn into vases or turning thrifted picture frames into your seating chart, but the possibilities are endless. Get creative with it!

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7. Borrow or rent whenever possible

Beyond the typical rental items like tableware and sound systems, don’t forget to see if you can rent items that you’re unlikely to use after your wedding day. Lawn games, signage and photo backdrops tend to be specific to the event, so be sure to ask around and check out local vendors who may offer rentals on those one-of-a-kind items.

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8. Swap paper invites for digital ones

The convenience of digital wedding invites can’t be ignored. Many brides, grooms and marriers have their guests RSVP online anyway, so skip the paper (and save yourself time on addressing those envelopes) and opt for a virtual invitation instead. If you have older guests or folks who may not be tech-literate or have easy access to technology, you can always have a small batch of paper invitations printed and keep the rest digital.

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9. Use biodegradable confetti

If you’re doing a formal send-off or embracing a confetti tradition, swapping conventional confetti for a biodegradable alternative is a simple way to make sure you don’t cause any harm to the local ecosystem. This is especially important for outdoor weddings, but even indoor confetti can make its way into the environment and have negative effects. The good news is that there are plenty of beautiful, fun alternative options, including flower petals, parcooked rice, hole-punched leaves or packaged eco-friendly confetti.

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10. Register at sustainable brands or for nonprofit donations

Another great way to choose sustainability in your wedding planning is to stack your registry with your favorite sustainable brands and vendors. Whether your wedding itself has sustainable elements or not, this is a great way to include environmentally conscious decisions as you step into this next chapter of your lives. You can also utilize cash funds as a place to support eco-friendly missions that you and your spouse-to-be are passionate about. The Equally Wed heart is a trademark of Palladino Publishing, LLC.

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Featured image by Autumn Parry Photography