When it comes to spring wedding entertainment, lawn games are a great way to get your guests up and moving while providing a memorable activity for all to enjoy. Whether you’re having a destination beach ceremony or an intimate backyard shindig, consider these games for your cocktail hour and reception.


Ever the classic, cornhole is a beloved game, with its signature diagonal boards providing endless possibilities for custom monograms or wedding branding. Consider renting the game from a local bar or DIY-ing them with a fresh paint job for an added personal touch.

Giant Jenga

You’ve probably seen this game at events, as Jenga and its various versions have become quite popular at weddings over the last few years. In addition to being fun for all ages, this game has the added bonus of being able to become your wedding “guest book” if you provide sharpies for your guests to sign a piece as they go!


An ideal option for competitive and casual teams alike, horseshoes has differing rules depending on who you ask. Consider including a small sign outlining the “house rules” for this–or any other game.

Ring toss

Similar to horseshoes, a ring toss is another fan favorite for kids and adults alike. Depending on where you get your game, you can coordinate your wedding colors with the rings for a picture-perfect reception accent.

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Lawn bowling

An adapted version of its indoor counterpart, lawn bowling can be a fun team sport to occupy your guests for as brief or long a period as they like. If you know you have a particularly competitive crew, consider providing a chalkboard or notebooks to help keep track of the score.


Perfect for larger groups of people, croquet is more than a stuffy English countryside tradition. As a game with a slightly more obscure set of rules, this is another candidate for including directions close to the starting point.

Hula hoops

For an option that can be enjoyed in shorter spurts, hula hoop competitions are the way to go. If you don’t have hoops already reach out to your local gym or party supply store to see if you can arrange a rental.

Mega Connect 4

Merge a childhood favorite with the novelty of oversized lawn games with a mega Connect 4 set. Depending on where you get the game, you may be able to customize or paint the chips to coordinate with your wedding colors or even contain monogrammed initials for you and your new spouse.

Ladder ball

Another beer garden favorite, ladder ball is a fun, low-stakes game to play while conversation flows. See if you can source a set with chalkboard paint on the sides so that your guests can track the score on the set itself!


Though not strictly a “lawn game,” chess is an excellent option for cooler weather. If that level of strategy isn’t your jam, checkers or another one-on-one board game would make for a delightful and cozy activity.

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