Shopping for wedding attire can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding. If you plan on wearing a wedding gown, you’ll want to absolutely love the dress you choose and feel confident about it for years to come. When you shop Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses, you can rest assured that you’re getting the gown of your dreams as well as joining a special community. We spoke with founder Kelly Faetanini about how she built her brand and what it takes to offer a truly special wedding dress experience.

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses
Kelly Faetanini (center) featured here with Tiana gown (left) and Uma gown (right) from the newest Fall 2019 Carousel Collection.

EW: How did you get started in this business? 

KF: When I discovered the world of weddings at 18, I knew it was my calling in life. After a couple years relentlessly fighting for a foot in the door in the fashion industry, I became an assistant designer at the renowned Priscilla of Boston bridal brand. I spent every day proving that I could make a difference. In 2012, I knew it was my time to step up and create a brand that truly cared about each and every one of their marriers and not just the sale. Anyone can design and sell wedding gowns. But not everyone has the heart and soul with the intentions the way I do. I started my own company at that point and have the best job in the universe. #joblove

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses
Kelly Faetanini Fall 2019 Collection “Aurora”

What can couples or individuals expect to get from the Kelly Faetanini experience? 

Couples or individuals can expect a unique approach to design as we love to customize for our marriers. Working with one of our partner salons, or direct, we want your dream wedding dress to be just that—like a dream! Want more coverage or a different color? No problem. Want to coordinate with your significant other? Fun! Let’s do it.

Tell us about the upcoming collection. 

The Fall 2019 collection was inspired by the joy and happiness of the vintage carousel.  Incorporating fun design elements with playful ruffles that evoke a feeling of youth, this season is about being true to yourself.

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses
Kelly Faetanini Fall 2019 Collection “Uma”

You’re known for your amazing ombre design designs and techniques. What appeals to current marriers about ombre wedding attire? How have your designs adapted in the last few years along with trends and customer interest? 

The ombre effect has become one of our signature design features. Marriers are loving pops of color, but an all-over pink or blue wedding dress is a little bold for most brides. With our amazing ombre technique, we can create color without being too over-the-top. Ivory fading to blush or blue fading to ivory (like our new Margo gown!) creates a unique look that is not overwhelming for the aisle. The collections have evolved season after season, but at the heart of each new inspiration is a passion and realness that our marriers truly appreciate, which is incredible! The designs are traditional with a twist as we like to say.

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses
Kelly Faetanini Fall 2019 Collection “Margo”

Tell us about color! A lot of your dresses aren’t the classic white. Are more marriers trending toward other colors in dresses, and how do you decide what new colors to add to her collection? 

Colorful elements have really helped our brand stand out among other designers because it’s so unique and not over-played. Providing a wow factor is always fun each season and so many of our brides end up with a gown they never expected! Our gold Gwendelyn gown is one of our most popular styles and it really feels one-of-a-kind. Our blush and blue wedding dresses are also very popular, created with layers and layers of tulle, the color effect is subtle but still eye-catching.

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses
Kelly Faetanini Fall 2019 Collection “Tilly”

What do you have to offer for more non-traditional or out-of-the-box marriers? What about for traditional, classic marriers? 

From classic silhouettes to sleek styles, we offer traditional wedding dresses with the option to customize based on size grading and personal preferences and to add a detachable train or removable bolero for sleeves. We have wedding separates like feather ball gowns and skirts, beaded crop tops or bustiers, we also have older styles that are made of leather, metallic brocade, black Chantilly lace or one of our newer collection pieces in blue, gold or blush colors.

The wow factor of Kelly Faetanini wedding dresses lace see through top eyelet dress Adair
Kelly Faetanini Fall 2019 Collection “Adair”

What’s your view on marriage equality? Have you worked with LGBTQ+ couples before? 

We have. And they were stunning. What’s better than a Kelly Faetanini bride? Two KF brides getting married to each other! We love what Equally Wed is doing to support this amazing community and stand with you.