Anyone who has been through the process knows that shopping for wedding and engagement rings is exhausting and stressful. You might feel pressured to choose something immediately in the store by the salespeople you’re interacting with, or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options online and the uncertainty of whether you’ll actually love the ring when you see it in person. Wedding and engagement planning should be about you and your partner and the commitment you’re making. Choosing the right ring should be an exciting milestone—and with Jordan Jack, an online store marketed to masculine customers with a personalized try-on service, it can be.

When you use Jordan Jack’s services, you’ll receive a customized home try-on kit with five wedding bands of your choice. The rings come packaged in a luxe black box with gold accents that is soft to the touch, along with a ring sizer you can use if you’re unsure what size to purchase. At most retailers, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar location, you’d have to choose one ring and hope that you and your partner like it.

“The beauty of the home try-on process is you can order a variety of rings,” says Jack Morris, co-founder of online ring retailer Jordan Jack. “You have three days to touch them, feel them, and wear them to figure out what you really prefer. In your own home and own world, with no pushy salesperson telling you what you like and what you should spend.”

Jordan Jack makes wedding ring shopping easy as click, ship, try, buy
Jordan Jack customized home-try on kit

Jack Morris is a third-generation jeweler who grew up learning the business in his grandfather’s retail store in Los Angeles, California. When his now business partner, Jordan Jack co-founder Jordan Yoder, got married, he found the experience of wedding ring shopping to be frustrating and overwhelming, with pushy salespeople trying to force rushed decisions. He approached Jack with the idea that there had to be a better way to shop for wedding rings. With Jordan Jack, the two of them aim to make wedding ring shopping “fun, intimate and private.” This process allows engaged couples to remove added stress from what can be an already stressful time, allowing them to choose the perfect band without being pushed into a decision they might later regret, and to focus on the most single most important thing—one another.

Jordan Jack makes wedding ring shopping easy as click, ship, try, buy
Jordan Jack wedding rings and bands

“Other companies sell wedding rings online, but we’re the first to focus on breaking down traditional sales barriers and reducing anxiety by completely removing the risk,” says Jordan. “I wouldn’t wish a trip to a mall jewelry store on my worst enemy.”

The Jordan Jack process is designed to be luxurious, intimate and user-friendly. “The textures, the colors and the feel are very important to us,” explains Jack. When you’re searching through the site, you can look at the more than 60 styles available. The ring prices are clearly marked and unlike many traditional retailers, there is no upsell. The site offers information about the different metals offered and their properties, such as weight, color and more. Jordan Jack offers gold, silver, contemporary metals and diamond styles of artisan-crafted rings, and the company prides itself on having something for everyone, whether you’re interested in a traditional style or something with a unique flair. All the materials that are used are ethically sourced.

Jordan Jack makes wedding ring shopping easy as click, ship, try, buy
Simplify the wedding ring shopping process with Jordan Jack

What’s so engaging about buying a Jordan Jack ring is how customized the process feels—coupled with the convenience of shopping online. It gives customers the chance to try the feel, fit and look of each ring. While the company was designing the home try-on process, Jack says that they considered kits with one or three rings, but felt that five was the perfect number. “We felt with five you could mix enough styles and sizes to get it just right!” he says.

Jordan Jack makes wedding ring shopping easy as click, ship, try, buy
Experience your ring before choosing the one that’s right for you

If you’re unsure of your ring size, the home try-on kit comes with a ring sizer that you can use to determine which size to purchase. Many of the rings in sizes 7 to 15 (including half sizes) range in price from $99-599, with budget-friendly options in mind.

Once the customer decides on which ring to keep, they send their home try-on kit back and choose which ring they’d like to purchase, which they receive within days. The entire process is free of charge, and customers only pay when they decide to select and purchase a ring. Jordan Jack is also a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, with a process that works for both individuals and couples whether they’re looking for wedding and engagement rings or matching wedding bands.

“We want to disrupt a business that hasn’t changed in 100 years!” says Jack Morris. With their simple, stress-free process, that is exactly what the company is doing.

Jordan Jack makes wedding ring shopping easy as click, ship, try, buy
Jordan Jack rings are made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials