Colleen and Iz, a couple from Washington State, recently went viral for opting to have a kitten hour at their wedding instead of the traditional cocktail hour. The two have been together for five years and are self-described “crazy head over heels cat people.”

Photo by Kendall Lauren Shea via

They already have two older special needs rescue cats and decided to bring their guests something extra special and adorable at their wedding—kittens! The six kittens all came from Seattle Animal Shelter and were brought out during family picture taking time. Colleen and Iz also made a donation to the shelter before their wedding and asked their guests to make donations as a wedding present.

“When else are you going to be able to summon kittens for your pleasure, and make a donation to a great organization?” Colleen said to Buzzfeed News.

They prioritized the kittens’ happiness and well-being too. “The little dudes at our wedding were selected for being especially social, there were volunteers making sure they were handled safely and not overstimulated, and they left after about an hour,” they explained.

Photo by Kendall Lauren Shea via

The couple didn’t adopt the kittens after their wedding since they already have a two-cat household and making sure their cats get along with any newcomers is important to them. All of the kittens have since been adopted.

Colleen said they’d like everyone who is considering adopting a kitten to also keep in mind older cats, who are less likely to be adopted, as well. “I’d encourage anyone looking to adopt a cat to look at the grown-ups first for calmer, and just [an] adorable companionship,” they said.

The kitten hour was an overwhelming hit! “Guests loved the kittens, and lots of people told us that every wedding should have a mandatory kitten hour,” Colleen said.