Top hats can add a debonair flair to your wedding-day look and are a perfect accessory for both brides and brooms

Hats are a fashion-forward way to add personality into your wedding-day hairstyle and formal wedding toppers are on the rise for bridal beauty. One of our favorites is the top hat, which has a masculine structured shape but can take on a feminine form, if so desired, with elaborate embellishments—perfect for brides and brooms! And with so many styles to choose from, there’s one for every kind of gal.


For the whimsical bride: The classic top hat gets a fanciful makeover, detailed with tiny polka dots, stripes, and beaded detailing, and finished with a beautiful ribbon corsage.


For the fashionista bride: The headband attachment allows this mini top hat to fashionably tilt to the side. Accented with a delicate broach feature and birdcage veil.


For the romantic bride: Inspired by the romantic Victorian era, this hat is accented with velvet, ombre ribbon, veiling and vintage berries.


For the traditional bride: If authentic is what you’re going for, go for the gusto and get the real thing! This formal gentlemen’s top hat is simple and classic—and that never goes out of style.


For the classic bride: A classic black-and-white hounds tooth pattern covers this top hat, trimmed in black ribbon and wrapped in a black satin sash and bow.