Transgender military ban announced today

Donald Trump, the man supposedly standing up for the LGBT community, must need a refresher on what the T stands for.  Today, in a hasty surprise move, President Trump banned transgender people from the military.

So much for this claim from last June.

Apparently, it’s hit or miss on which tweets Trump actually means, and which ones he doesn’t.  Fighting for the LGBT community? Clearly not one of them. But, he certainly meant what he said today about the transgender community and the military, since he went on to proclaim his ban on transgender people from serving their country in a three part tweet series.

It seems that the government feels that putting your life on the line each day to protect America is not worth the money it would cost for transgender soldiers to possibly use the insurance that comes with that honor to pay for any gender confirmation surgery or therapy one might need for having gone through war or been treated the way they have by the President of the United States.

According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, this is not an attack on transgender rights, a message she repeated numerous times during a press conference this morning.

“The president has a lot of support for all Americans and certainly wants to protect all Americans at all times,” she said. “The president’s expressed concerns since this Obama policy came into effect, but he’s also voiced that this is a very comprehensive and disruptive policy and based on consultation that he’s had with his national security team, came to the conclusion that it erodes military readiness and unit cohesion and made the decision based on that.”

Not sure how many people this ban currently affects? The American Civil Liberties Unity was able to shed some light, while reminding America of their commitment to fight for justice. There has been no word yet as to how Trump or the Department of Defense plan to address the transgender individuals currently serving in the military.

With America the way it is today, is Trump really in the position to be limiting the number of people who actually still want to stand up and defend our country?