Searching for a suit or tuxedo for your LGBTQ+ wedding? Meet Generation Tux, the new better way to rent the perfect suit or tuxedo for your wedding or special occasion. We set out to showcase this with Matt Mitchell and Tyler Hariraksatakoon, a couple in Atlanta, Georgia. Matt is an Equally Wed Pro Certified LGBTQ+ Inclusive™ wedding planner who owns Mitchell Event Planning, and Tyler is a graphic design student. The couple met on Tindr and has been together for one year. We invited Matt and Tyler to experience suit shopping with Generation Tux and then participate in our styled shoot featuring elements of a luxury winter wedding at the Wimbish House in Atlanta, Georgia, with Amanda Summerlin Photography. I sat down with the lovers to get their take on how it all went from the selection process to the online fitting. After the shoot, we packed it all up in the Generation Tux box and I dropped it off at a shipping center. So simple!

gay grooms looking at wedding shoes

two gay grooms open their Generation Tux box

red, green and black bow ties

gay grooms get ready for wedding

Q & A with our two grooms, Matt and Tyler

Equally Wed: You both look so good! How was your experience with renting your tuxedos from Generation Tux?

Matt: It was really easy. They have this neat algorithm. You know, a lot of people don’t know how to do measurements and in this day and age, it can be harder for people to go to a location to get measured. So at, you just answer some basic information like your weight, your height, your age and your fit—like how you want it to fit on your body. And that’s zero measurements other than your shoe size.

Tyler: Yeah, and what I loved about it was that it was so easy and convenient. And so quick. We did it in, what, ten minutes? It just worked out really easily.

two grooms, one white with brown hair, one Thai with black hair and glasses, both in black tuxedos for wedding

two grooms lean in touching foreheads, gay wedding

Equally Wed: Nice! And they fit great.

Both in unison: Oh, yeah!

Equally Wed: And you only had to order once, right?

Tyler: Yes! And when I put the pants on, I was like, “Oh they fit so perfectly!”

Matt: Yeah, I think that was the only thing we had to tell them [on the site]. We had to put in our traditional waist size. It was really, really easy.

two grooms at gay wedding with Christmas decor

wedding cake for gay winter wedding

Equally Wed: Good! What are your typical issues with buying clothing when you’re dressing up? What are your fashion problems?

Matt: I think it can be how it fits on you. Some people like a more relaxed fit. Other people like a more slim, tailored look. It can be really challenging to find a jacket that fits the way you’d like it to fit. It might not look tailored, especially on a wedding day. And that’s why Generation Tux is doing such a great job. They’re asking if you like a more relaxed fit or a slim, tailored look and so you can really pick and choose what you would feel most comfortable in.

Tyler: Yeah, I would say the main issue for me with ordering clothes or fashion online is not being comfortable, and I’m really comfortable right now.

gay wedding first look one groom approaches another groom

Equally Wed: It looks like you went and got measured by a tailor and that’s really nice! So in imagining your own wedding day one day, would you go for a matching look or complementary suits?

Tyler: I would like us to look different. Like not the same but still working together.

Matt: Right. I think when you think of a wedding party, you generally think of different shades that you can see throughout the attire. And I would love for us to have something along those lines too. Maybe an inverse color or even just complementary colors. Something to show our personalities.

Equally Wed: What about similar fabrics or different fabrics? At Generation Tux, you can choose from over 25 styles of suits and tuxedos in a variety of colors, and hundreds of accessory colors and options to build the perfect look.

Matt: I like mixed media! That would be totally OK.

Christmas tree

Atlanta Christmas gay wedding with two grooms by wedding cake in black Generation Tux tuxedos

Equally Wed: What about the month? Which would you prefer?

Matt: (turning to Tyler) Well you want to get married on a beach.

Tyler: I do … but not in the summer. So maybe in the fall or spring? That would be lovely.

Equally Wed: Sounds like you have discussed this? 🙂

Both are smiling and nodding in unison and holding hands. I can’t help but notice that they finish each other’s sentences.

Matt: So Tyler is from Thailand

Tyler: So I’m not used to the cold.

Matt: And so he loves the heat.

gay grooms smile and hold Mr and Mr signs

Equally Wed: Nice. Would you go to Thailand for your beach wedding?

Tyler: Oh yes, I would—100 percent. I’d want it to feel like a vacation for everyone. So instead of people saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to a wedding,’ it could be ‘I’m going to a wedding, and staying another two weeks.’

EW: How important is it to you when you’re shopping for your wedding day or just another special occasion to buy from LGBTQ+ inclusive companies?

The couple is so cute asking each other who wants to go first.

Matt: I think it’s super important, right? We want to support businesses that support us. So not necessarily in a financial way but in their messaging, in the things they’re putting out there, you want to make sure that you’re seen and heard. That’s something that I look for. Just to give you an example, we do Cross-Fit here in Atlanta, and we switched gyms because we didn’t feel like those were our people. And now we go to a great gym that has transgender coaches, and we use inclusive language. It’s super comfortable to me as a consumer that I feel comfortable in that space and can be heard and seen.

Tyler: Yep. 100 percent what he said!

two grooms stand close, love is love is love lapel pin by Equally Wed

Equally Wed: Do you feel like in your process in shopping with Generation Tux, did you feel included while you were shopping from them and felt like … sometimes when you are shopping from an online store, you’re like I don’t know who owns this. So when you were shopping from Generation Tux, did you feel like if they really knew who you were, that you’d be accepted, celebrated and appreciated by that company.

Matt: Yes, definitely. When we were going through the process of ordering from Generation Tux, we felt included. We saw imagery of two men on their website, I think the language was appropriate. I didn’t see anything that was exclusive. I think Generation Tux does a really good job of providing a comfortable, inclusive shopping experience.

two grooms in love relax on sofa


Suit, shoes and accessories: Generation Tux
Photography: Amanda Summerlin Photography
Venue: The Wimbish House
Flowers, boutonnieres and linens: Jim White
Cake: Anna Brunson of Cakes by Anna

This sponsored post was paid for by Generation Tux, an Equally Wed preferred Platinum vendor and advertiser. All opinions are the author’s from their personal experience. 

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